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No description

Alexandra Copple

on 25 May 2010

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Transcript of Kitty's

Why is my Kitty Annoying?
Well hears annoying. O don't do ur toxic waste in my roses.
O great!
Cute, but omg wat a prob...... We're just 3 peas, or trouble, in a pod. I'm doing this... for Narnia. Hmmm... I wonder if these are chocolate. I hope these are chocolate. Come on fishy a little more closer. Hi There! Just watch the movie. Shh.... don't tell anyone. O you darn fat cat. 2 many cats," Come on look at the birdy. Imma princess!!! " Cozy, Cozy, Cozy." Hey! Who turned off the lights???
Hey you there! Is this on right??? Imma lazy kitty cat. Hey Dude's! Look at me!!! AHHH!!!!
<Yawn> Next year its my turn to be Santa Claws! Stay! Stay! Stay! Hey you! This is my mountain. Talk to the paws.
Hey you! Gove me a manucure. O mom do I really have to wear this for a Christmas Picture???
O No! NO more pics mom, no more pics. I look horable. STOP! yanking my tail that really does hurt. I'm not playing rough. hehehehehehhehehehe Rub my tummy. This is my supereme court. Its the hard way now. That big bowl of milk in the sky looks so good.( licking his chomps.) O really goose. O really goose.
Man he flew away. O darn it! I'm going to bite your tail. 1-2-3 MEOW!!! Your a Copy- Catter. First i made it. shhh... stole it. O not really. lol hehehehe hahahaha mahahhaa mahahahah I'm the better 1. No, i am.!
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