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Does wifi affect plant

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isabel antelo

on 19 September 2014

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Transcript of Does wifi affect plant

Does wifi affects plant

we think that wifi doesnt affect
plant growth because we think
that wifi radiation is not
strong enough to change
the growth of a plant. Also
because we researched if wifi
signal bad and found out that
1 year of wifi is the same as a
20 minute phone call. so we
think that the radiation is not so
strong to hurt a plant.
originally we planned to place 2 different plants one in a room next to the router and another one outside on the garden. we realized that there were too many variables changing:


so we decided to change it and limit variables so that results could be more accurate by placing the plants in the same place but with distance from the
group 3
2.40m away from the router
group 4
3.6m away from router
group 2
1.20m away from the router
we are going to test if wifi
radiaton affects the plant growth. Is wifi good or bad for plants?
why are we doing this investigation and
what are the benefits
to test if plants are affected by wifi we are going to put a router in a room and have 5 different group of plants. one of them is going to be next to the router and the other ones are going to be 1.20m away from the router, the last group being the furthest away from the router. we are going to control the plants and test in 7 days to see if the plants are being affected by the radiaton coming from the router.

we are doing this investigation because we want to see if wifi is helping plant growth and if it helps plant develop or if wifi damages.

the benefits of this investigation are that if wifi damages plants we can help prevent plants being away from wifi radiation. And if its good to make plants grow having wifi near them.

results table:
group 1
near the router
we found out that the plants that were further away from the router grew more. the ones that were near the router grew, but not as fast as the other ones.
This is because routers and cable modems that make it so convenient to get online emit electromagnetic radiation in the low gigahertz frequency level—this level of radiation is considered by scientists and health experts as potentially dangerous. In fact, the typical home or office wireless networks transmit radio signals in the same general frequency range as the frequency that microwave ovens use to cook food.
paper towel
wifi router
plastic plate
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