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Modifying Assessment Criteria for Years 1-4 in MYP

A session with MYP teachers at Concordian International School.

Aloha Lavina

on 24 November 2015

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Transcript of Modifying Assessment Criteria for Years 1-4 in MYP

Think of some things in life that we modify for age appropriateness that are not necessarily related to school.

Why do we modify these?
Modifying Assessment Criteria for Years 1-4
A Continuum of Learning
Take a look at the Objectives in your Subject Guide.
Identify the bullet point you are addressing in the task you’re developing now.
This is called a strand.
Pick out a strand for the task
(c) Isabelle Shortt
How will that strand look like for all levels of achievement?
Take a look at the rubric for the Humanities task.
What do you need to do to get a higher level?
To set the levels of achievement, we need to unpack descriptors.
Unpack the descriptor "analyse events, issues, models or arguments..."
When there is a list of items, you can choose one item and cross out the rest
Examine and Reflect
Take a look at the rubric and task assignment sheet for the Humanities assessment.
Reflect: What understanding about learning and assessment do students gain from the alignment?
I want to be able to...
so that I can...
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