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Gifted Education Staff and Parent Review

No description

Katie Drake

on 30 August 2012

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Transcript of Gifted Education Staff and Parent Review

Gifted Education Staff and Parent Review
Who To Refer
Bright vs. Gifted
Unexpected characterisitics
~not always the 'teacher pleasers
~gets angry or cries when things go wrong
~makes jokes or puns at inappropriate time
~disagrees vocally with others or with the teacher about ideas and values

Berti Kingore
More Gifted Characterisitcs
Referral Process
Teacher and Parent Referrals
So, You Think You've Got One?
1st step
2nd step
Parent Forms
Teacher Forms
3rd step
Need three tests above 90 %
Need one parent/teacher rating above 90%
4th step
Parent and Teacher Notification
To Get a Referral Paper
you may download it from
my website's home page,
or if you are unable to, just
ask mrs. drake for a copy.
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