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Coke Blak

Business Essentials Marketing promotional project http://cokeblacbycocacola.webs.com/ http://i.imgur.com/CcL44.gif

Cristeta Sawin

on 25 March 2011

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Transcript of Coke Blak

lifestyles: busy
activities: driving
entertainment choices
coffee shop,
bookstore how will i reach my target audiance?
advertise where & how will i advertise?
tv commercials
newpaper ads
Billboards our prices VS, our competitors
red bull - 2.00
5 hour energy - 2.00 how much does the
product cost
$1.50 discounts?
buy 1 get another coke product free when and were will the person use it?
anyplace anytime age : 16 & up
education : mostly high school or collage graduates
gender: multi
income level: middle class
family status: married w/ or without kids
employment status: employed Target Market demographics psychographics Marketing mix Product what does the customer want from the product?
energy or quench of thirst how are you different from

Price Promotion how do my competitions advertise
online good product affordable prices Places sold gas stations restaurants superstores schools
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