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Hamlet Plot Diagram

No description

Aasha Prasad

on 9 March 2016

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Transcript of Hamlet Plot Diagram

Takes place in Elsinore Denmark
During the late middle ages
The characters are mostly set in the Elsinore Palace.
Conflict and Rising Action
The ghost tells Hamlet about King Claudius
Hamlet finds out the truth about the death of his father and seeks revenge for his Uncle.
He's in agony and confusion in decided to weather or not to actually kill the current King and to trust the ghost.
Three Events and Climax
Hamlet becomes upset that his childhood friends were called under the King and Queen's orders
Hamlet performs a soliloquy about suicide
He met an actor, Player 1, and asks to reenact a play about the death of a King
Hamlet rudely disapproves of Ophelia and the wedding
While talking about the marriage, Hamlet accidentally kills Polonius, thinking it was King Claudius
Falling Action
The King asks Hamlet where Poloius was, then sent him to England
Hamlet returned and became depressed in a graveyard and picked up a dead skull.
Two Events and Resolution
Laertes challenges Hamlet in a sword fight duel, and ends up killing him
Hamlet was drinking wine with his mother and uncle
King Claudius dies from being stabbed and forced to drink poison
The queen dies by drinking the poison also
Hamlet dies and Fortinbras becomes king of Denmark
Hamlet Plot Diagram
Poor thoughts can lead to impulsive actions~ Theme
Crown, Sword, Ring, and Skull~ Symbols
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