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Internship Outcome

Azusa Pacific University- Marketing Internship

LeAnn Im

on 19 May 2014

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Transcript of Internship Outcome

Internship Outcome
Internship at GBK Productions
Presented by: LeAnn Im
Needed Skills for PR Intern Position
Ability to work Microsoft Word and Excel
Ability to send out mass emails without any mistakes to individual celebrities/managers
Ability to research on the web
Ability to make phone calls, receive, and take messsages
Be up-to-date with current TV shows, movies, athletes, and lifestyle
Able to work quickly
Be able to turn down unwanted guests at events
Remember the faces to the names of the talents
Tweet and Facebook about talents entering the events and occurances during the event
Contributions as an Intern
LeAnn Im
Marketing Internship
Professor Skalnik
15 July 2013
About GBK Productions
Founded in 2000
GBK stands for Gavin B. Keilly, founder and CEO of GBK
Five divisions: Celebrity Gifting, Event Production, Weddings, Charitable Consulting, and Marketing/PR
Integrates luxury consumer lines and Entertainment through gift lounges
Each gift lounges serves to talents before each award show
Creates special events for non-profit charities
Clients and Past Events
Dream Center
BET Awards
American Cancer Society
Cannes Film Festival
Sugar Ray Leonard Foundation
George Lopez Foundation
Fiji Water
Eva Longoria Foundation
City of Hope
Golden Globes
Kids Choice Awards
MTV Awards
BET Awards
American Music Awards
ESPY Awards
NY Fashion Week
Sugar Ray Leonard Charity
George Lopez Golf Tournament
What is a Gift Lounge?
Gift Lounge occurs before an award show.
GBK invites luxurious sponsors to display their products to celebrities and sponsors give a gift to the celebrities. Each sponsor receives press releases and product shots of the talents holding their product. This helps to serve marketing for the sponsors. In each lounge, GBK supports a non-profit charity.
This is AnnaLynne McCord
at GBK's EMMY gift lounge
by a cake made by a
sponsor, Bread Basket
Ambiance shot of MTV gift lounge
Usually the charity will ask GBK to help create their event. From finding a venue, to rentals, to coordinating, to design, GBK helps to construct an exquiste picture. Some charity events can be glamorous galas or dinners, boxing tournaments, or golfing tournaments. GBK also takes part by donating items to each charity or donating items for silent auctions.
Charity Events
My Position
My Contributions
Talent/Public Relation Intern Position
Assist the Talent Coordinator with daily tasks
Assist with celebrity outreach
Check-in all celebrities and press during event.
Assist in managing celebrities and press during events
Research for potential clients
Sending out event invites
Update Celebrity and Media list
Compiling all press releases after events
Organizing event post-production items (photos, media hits, etc...)
Running event and office errands
Research for all 2012 ESPY winners
Research for current top athletes
Research for all 2013 ESPY nominees
Reach out to all athletes to invite them to GBK's Pre-ESPY gift lounge
Send confirmation emails to RSVP talents
Check-in all talents during the event
Sending thank you emails to all talents who attended the event
Find all press about the event
Compile press releases and send to each sponsors
Make sure the picture matches the correct talent's name
Some Attendees
Colin Kaepernick- 49ers
Jordyn Wieber-
US Gymanstic Olympian
Six Things I Have Learned From This Experience and Why
How to work in an environment with workers who gossip
How to word things carefully without lying
Learning to check my work multiple times
Practicing in not rushing into things as i tend to not be patient and try to get things done quickly
Trying to stay accountable for myself and not falling into the bad influences around me while working in la
Got better in talking to people on the phone, not shy anymore after making so many phone calls
Practice talking on the phone in a public setting.
I think it is important to have your own personality and something that makes you, "you."
Know what you are getting into before fully committing to an internship, many people quit after couple days because the internship turns out to be a job they were not aware of.
Be open to your career and try different internships rather than just sticking to one field.
Advice to Future Interns
In conclusions I appreciated this experience of trying out a different field that is part of event productions. Talent Public Relations is very interesting and also thrilling as I got to work with many talents. This job comes with an abudance of stress and a lot of networking with other public relation agencies. After this experience, I may consider the Public Relations fields rather than just sticking to event productions.
Number One
Number Two
Number Three
Number Four
Number Five
Number Six
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