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Final England 5 Themes of Geography

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Simpa Dimpa

on 30 August 2011

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Transcript of Final England 5 Themes of Geography

Thank You F r Watching! Citations:















http://www.donnan.com/images/tunnel-diagram.jpg ENGLAND 5 Themes of Geopraphy Movement Human Environment Interaction What is HEI? What is the location of a place? 51, 32 N, 0, 5 W An absolute location is using imaginary lines that mark positions on the face of the earth An relative location is a relation compared to another location. Location is a place explained by relative or absolute terms. The absolute location of London. A example of relative location is that England is next to the North Sea Location What is Location? Location is a place explained by relative or absolute terms. What is the character of a place? Place England's Human Characteristics High Lands Low Lands Mid Lands England's Physical Characteristics Human Charcetristics The characteristics of the people and the place where they are located They are thick veins of coal which means that there are a lot of factory towns like Birmingham or Manchester, because of the heavy industrial development it means that it has Englands highest population density The Highlands are a band of hills running the lenght of England's west coast. To the south and east is the low lands. The soil in the lowlands is a lot more fertile which means that it is easier for farming Physical Characteristics Features of the Earth's surface Flat Mountainous First Occupants Population In the North-East of England, they share one
common characteristic, which is the heavy rainfall.
Here is an example of a formal region In the South of England near London, they have a functional region. One common characteristic is the number of ports found there. They would not be there if they were not related to a function which would be trade and export. Many people have different thoughts and opinions about if England is an independent country or not Formal Regions Functional Regions Perceptual Regions Some say that England is it's own country, because they have their own flag The others think that England is not a country and is part of Great Britain because the Queen rules all of it. How are places similar to and different from other places? There are three different kinds of regions. A formal region, a functional region and a perceptual region A formal region is an are in which one common characterisics is found through out the area A functional region is an area which is connected to a function A peceptual region is formed by people's opinion. Hence there are many different kinds of regions. Region What is a region? a region is a group of places or an area with one or more common characteristics Formal Regions Functional Regions Perceptual Regions Examples! This region has a lot of ports, because of its function, trade What is movement? Movement is the theme of how things, ideas, goods and people move from one place to another How do people, goods and ideas move between places? Movement is caused by a lot of factors. For example, migration is one, which is caused by push and pull factors. Migration Factors Push Factors

Not enough jobs
Few opportunities
Primitive conditions
Famine or drought
Political fear or persecution
Slavery or forced labor
Poor medical care
Loss of wealth
Natural disasters
Death threats
Lack of political or religious freedom
War Pull Factors

Job opportunities
Better living conditions
Political and/or religious freedom
Better medical care
Attractive climates
Family links England is part of the United Kingdom, which is an island. Hence movement is very important. The population uses trains, planes and boats to move. One very important transportation is the Undersea tunnel train, which goes from England to France. Just as people are important to move, so are goods. Goods move by boats, planes, trains, cars and many other. Here is a diagramm, to show you the massive increase of exports and imports The United Kingdom had the highest migration rate in 2008. Today, that however changed. Human Environment Interaction is how the humans use their environment how they change it and the consequences resolving from there How do people interact with the natural environment of a place? Humans change their environment constantly. Some of these changes are
Bad and Good Deforistation creates some huge environmental issues, such as the amount of oxygen on earth and the loss of habitat A replanting project to cure deforistation England faces environmental issues just as any other country. However their two main problems are caused by air pollution, which are acid rain and the amount of green house gases Formation of acid rain The amount of air pollution created by different things
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