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Margaret Sanger "The Morality of Birth Control"

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ap english

on 19 March 2014

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Transcript of Margaret Sanger "The Morality of Birth Control"

Margaret Sanger: The Morality of Birth Control

Throughout the speech Margaret Sanger writes in first person. Making for a connection between her and the targeted audience to be formed effortlessly allowing the audience to understand with ease.
The exigence of the speech is to stress the need for a contraceptive approach for women not prepared for pregnancy. Especially, married women.
The speech is mostly intended for women, and americans as a nation.
Sanger refers to the Church a lot, appealing to the religious 1920s Americans. Saying that if a woman is not allowed to decide for her own self based on the knowledge of their body then,
"... two thousand years of Christian teaching has proved to be a failure"
The speech goes out to women that feel like they have no way out of the risks of sexual intercourse, pregnancy being one of them. It's also intended for men to be aware of what women have to go through and the means that they contemplate on taking to avoid any risks when pleasing their beloved husbands and themselves.As well as to rid the world of "misery, poverty, and disease."
The speech seems to perfectly execute the art of bringing out hitting the emotions of her audience. She uses several techniques, and it is assumed that they were successful from how well written her speech was. The speech starts with, “
The meeting tonight is a postponement of one which was to have taken place at the Town Hall last Sunday evening
.” With such an opening sentence meant to bring guilt towards the audience because it was a serious topic that kept being put off, the speech was already making an impact early.
Sanger also brings up morality into the topic and makes men feel like women truly are entitled to their own decisions in their household.
"We claim that woman should have the right over her own body and to say if she shall or if she shall not be a mother, as she sees fit"
since nobody knows women and what's good for them better, than themselves.
Confident,bold,convinced, etc.
"We claim that women should have the right over her own body and to say if she shall or if she shall not be a mother, as she sees fit."
"it is not only inevitable, but it is right to control the size of the family for by this control we can raise the level and the standards of the human race."
"Groups are diseased, feeble-minded" and "We desire to stop at its source the disease, poverty and feeble-mindedness and insanity which exist today, for these lower the standards of civilization and make for race deterioration."
Sanger is convinced that birth control will end many of the things she had mentioned, including insanity and poverty.
Sanger irritates her audience by criticizing their religion, saying, “If we cannot trust women with the knowledge of her own body, then I claim that two thousand years of Christian teaching has proved to be a failure.”
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