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Unit I: Music of the 20th-21st Century (1900-present

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trisha baldomero

on 18 March 2014

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Transcript of Unit I: Music of the 20th-21st Century (1900-present

Lesson 1: The Music of Today: the Music Industry; in the Community and Media
"We are so fortunate today that we can access music anywhere. This is because of the fast development of the music industry."
Folk Music
Described as traditional songs being handed down from generation to generation.
Ordinary people's music played in homes and for family or community gatherings.
Expresses the values and traditions of the people.
2. Broadway Musical
4. Chance Music
Also called
"aleatory music"
Aleatory came from the Latin word


This music is based on chance
John Cage- Father of indeterminism or aleatory music
Unit I: Music of the 20Th-21st Century (1900-present)
Rock Music
Referred to as "rock 'n roll" (1st used 1951 by Allan Freed, who took it from the song, "My baby rocks me with a steady roll"
Lesson 3: Other Musical Styles
Jazz Music
Originated from the city of New Orleans, Louisiana in the 19th century.
Improvisation is its most important element,
3. Electronic Music
Is an electro-acoustic music that consists of tones originating in electronic sound.
The pure electronic sound is produced with the use of computers and sound synthesizers.
1. Vaudeville
one of the most popular forms of mass entertainment and is called the heart of American show business.
Lesson 2: Different Styles of Music of the 20Th and 21st Centuries
A musical style known for its order, clarity of form and balance.
It was inspired by the stylistic forms and concept of the 18Th century.
3. Neoclassicism
2. Expressionism
The term was invented by art critics to describe a style of painting which developed as a reaction to the art movement called impressionism.
Generally described as a music that expresses true emotions with exaggerations.
Country Music
Had its beginnings in the music style brought by the first european settlers.
Most common instrument used:
Fiddle or violin
One of the best known country singers was
Johnny Cash.
music industry
or music business includes the singers, composers, publishers, record industries, band managers and roadies.
Every community needs music. Music can bring communities together and can enrich lives of every individual as they enjoy and learn music together.
The Music Industry
Music and the Community
Music and the Media
Pop music belongs to any of the number of contemporary musical styles accessible to the public that are commercially distributed.
Popular Musical Styles
Includes elements of several black and white American musical styles.
Instruments used: electric guitar, a bass guitar, drum set, and often, a piano or keyboard.
Rock Music was influenced by british groups such as The Beatles. They were considered as the most famous and successful band in the world.
Louis Armstrong
The first jazz soloist who used a trumpet.
Harry Houdini, a top vaudeville act
A popular musical style appreciated by ordinary people.
Examples of broad way songs are The Sound of Music, Fiddler on the Roof, West Side Story and Miss Saigon.
Our very own Lea Salonga became internationally known because of her great performance in the musical Miss Saigon.
Miss Lea Salonga as "Kim" in Miss Saigon
John Cage
5. Minimalist Music
Its main idea is a short musical composition with a small amount of musical material which is being repeated over and over again.
1. Impressionism
Originated as an art movement that presents an immediate impression of an object or event.
Described generally as having refinement, delicacy, vagueness and an overall luminous fog atmosphere.
"La Cathedrale Engloutie"
-an example of impressionist music
Arnold Schoenberg- one of the famous expressionist of his time.
Igor Stravinsky
The leading early neoclassical composer
Lesson 4: Composers of the 20Th-21st Century Music
Claude Debussy
Igor Stravinsky
Dr. Antonio Molina
Arnold Schoenberg
Born on August 22, 1862
His music is often associated with the
For him, "The primary aim of French Music is to give pleasure"
His works included:
"Pelleas and Melisande", the ballet, "Jeux de Vagues"
Born on September 13, 1874
He started his violin lessons at 8
His development of the twelve-tone style was a turning point and became very significant in the 20Th and 21st century.
His works included:
"Pierrot Lunaire", "Prelude from suite for piano Op. 25; Five Orchestral pieces Opp. 16"
Born on June 17, 1882Later became a citizen of France and the USA.
His childhood was sad; He never experienced true affection from anyone.
Was commission to write a ballet for the theater
His career became more of an evolution that a revolution.
Born on December 26, 1894
He was called the :Claude Debussy of the Philippines"
He founded and directed the Rondalla Ideal in 1970s.

(c)Baldomero, TAN
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