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The Book Review for Along For the Ride.

No description

Summer Ford

on 4 September 2012

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Transcript of The Book Review for Along For the Ride.

The Book Review of Along For the Ride
written by Sarah Dessen.
Reviewed by Summer Ford. EXPOSITION
The town of Colby.
When Auden decides to visit her father and stepmother in Colby her whole life is changed for the better.
Auden:main character; a soon to be college girl, who after five years is still struggling with her parents divorce.
Robert: Auden's Father; a self-centered author who neglects his family and the rest of the world to write books.
Dr.Victoria West: Auden's Mother, an aloof, uptight, overbearing,insensitive, intimidating Professor that repels anyone that comes near her.
Heidi: Auden's Stepmother; an "extraneous,overblown, exuberant" newlywed and mother of a newborn.
Hollis: Auden's Brother; a young adult who is having a hard time finding his purpose in life, and relieves himself from the stress by drinking, partying, and dating women for less than a week at a time.
Thisbe: Robert and Heidi's newborn baby girl.
Eli: Auden's "tour guide" of the town Colby. Eli also helps Auden regain her childhood back.
Maggie: a super girly employee at Heidi's store Clementine's.
Leah: a snide/ sarcastic employee at Heidi's store Clementine's.
Esther: a smart, sweet employee at Heidi's store Clementine's. Falling Action
The town of Colby was going to have a party to celebrate the end of Summer, and the theme was "prom". Auden realized what a big mistake she made of blocking Eli from her life at a time when she needed him most, so she took the initiative of asking him to prom. Shockingly, he turned her down, but only to come back and ask her out to prom. RISING ACTION
Chapters 1-6
Auden wanted to spend her summer before college doing something other than the usual, which is studying and dealing with her overbearing mother.She soon found the opportunity to spend the summer with her dad and his new family in the town of Colby. Reluctant at first, because this was not the summer plan she had in mind, Auden packed her bags and headed for Colby. After just one week since Auden's arrival in Colby, she had unintentionally gotten herself a job working as an accountant for her stepmother's store Clementine's, received a name that she did not deserve because of a one time mistake, and explored the entire town, thanks to her insomnia that leaves her very few non disturbing options of what to do throughout the night. As a result of Auden getting herself a job at Clementine's Maggie, Leah, and Esther [Auden's fellow employees] have been introduced to the book.
Auden immediatley formed several opinions about these three girls especially towards Maggie. Auden felt as though Maggie is a girl who's main goals in life are to maintain perfectly manicured nails and never wear the same outfit twice. She also felt as though Esther and Leah are just Maggie's "flunkies" or "backup". Auden also observed that Heidi and her dad's marriage was slowly beginning to fail because of lack of family time and communication [the same reasons her parents' marriage failed]. These are the events that have occurred and the thoughts the main character has expressed throughout chapters 1-6. Rising Action
Chapters 7-12
In chapters 7-12 there were four main topics featured. One of the four topics was Maggie revealing another side of her.Turns out, Maggie is not only a skilled dirt bike driver, but is an expert on advanced literature, and is attending a top notch college [Defriese University] that just so happens to be the same college Auden is attending. This surprise put Auden to shame and taught her to not be so quick to make assumptions about people. Another topic was Hollis [Auden's Brother] getting married. Hollis usually dates clueless, party, girls that only care about their looks, whom he most likely has met at a club. This is why everyone was shocked when after three years of traveling the world, he brings home a snooty science expert whom he met at the library. It was even more striking when he introduced her as his fiance. The third topic featured was Robert and Heidi's marriage. Lately it was suffering even more than usual. This was because Heidi felt as though Robert was work-obsessed and didn't spend enough time with her and Thisbe, while Robert felt as if Heidi didn't communicate her feelings and got mad at him for not knowing them. The last and most important topic in Chapters 7 through 12 was Eli and Auden's night outings. Eli and Auden [both insomniacs] met when Auden driving around town one night looking for something she hadn't seen before. Eli decided that he would show her around town. Ever since then they have done everything from a newspaper route to bowling, killing time while slowly regaining her childhood back by doing things Auden had never done as a child including bowling and going to parties. As the nights passed it became more than just a mutual friendship and romance intervened. This is the summary for Chapters 7 through 12. Climax
In the climax, Eli and Auden had a fight and their relationship was put on pause, because neither of them wanted to confront the other on it. The problem was really caused by Auden. It started when she noticed that she didn't see her dad around the house anymore. She soon found out that her dad and Heidi had decided that temporary separation was what they both needed for a while. Auden was so hurt that another marriage her dad was involved in was failing, that she did what she always did when she was hurt and that was block out the people she's closest to. Eli not knowing this was how she reacted to sticky situations took offense and thought she did not want to be with him anymore. This is the climax of Along for the Ride. Resolution
In the Resolution Auden and Maggie became roommates at Defriese University, Eli and Auden continued their relationship however it was long distance,Auden's mom, Hollis and his fiance were busy planning the wedding, and Heidi and Robert started comprising on their marriage. This is the resolution to Along for the Ride. My Take On the Book
Honestly, I was highly disappointed in Sarah Dessen the book was all over the place and left you confused. Having read Sarah Dessen's books before I expect more out of her literature. Although I was let down by Along for the Ride, I am currently giving her books another shot. The End
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