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Table appointments

TLE 4 lesson

Gloria Layog

on 1 February 2011

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Transcript of Table appointments

Uses Care Table Appointments Kinds Dinnerware/Chinaware commonly reffered to as plates may also include dining and serving dishes.
Chinawares are made of ceramics, earthenwares, porcelain, semi-porcelain, china, melamine, stoneware, ovenware, plastic, paper, and other synthetic materials. Dinnerwares/Chinawares are of the following types.
1. Place Plate or Service Plate – A plate usually 12 inches in diameter used as underliner for dinner plates in formal service.
2. Dinner Plate – A 10-inch diameter plate used for the main dish in formal service.
3. Luncheon or Breakfast Plate – This is a 9-inch multipurpose plate used for daily dining and for individual serving for lunch or breakfast.
4. Soup Plate – A 9-inch diameter deep plate used for soup in formal sit-down dinner.
5. Soup Bowl – A 6-inch diameter hollow plate used for soups, cereals, and saucy dishes.
6. Bread and Butter Plate – A 6-inch used for serving bread and butter for breakfast and dinner.
7. Salad Plate – A 7-inch plate used for salads, desserts, or as an underliner for glass stemware.
8. Cup and Saucer – Usually used for coffee or tea, salads, desserts, or even soup during informal dinner. These usually come in pairs and in varying sizes.
9. Demitasse Cup and Saucer – Usually used for hot chocolate or after-dinner coffee.
10. Vegetable Dish – A serving dish for vegetable, rice, or any saucy dish.
11. Soup Tureen – This comes with an underliner and cover and used for serving soup.
12. Platters – This oval-shaped dishes are of different sizes and used for serving different kinds of dishes.
13. Tea or Coffee – Pot for serving tea or coffee.
14. Sugar Bowl and Creamer – Used as container for sugar and cream when serving coffee.
15. Gravy Boat – A boat-shaped dish used for serving gravy and other sauces.
16. Fruit Dish – This is where fruits are arranged and served. It is placed at the center of the table to serve as centerpiece.
17. Casserole – Use for serving soup and other saucy dishes. 18. Salt and Pepper Shaker – This is for salt and pepper or other condiments.
19. Mug – This is used when a gibber container for coffee, tea, chocolate, and other beverages is desired
20. Egg Cup – this is where boiled egg is served.
21. Soup Ladle – This is used for serving soup.
Silverwares or Flatwares Flatwares are made of different materials such as sterling silver, plated silver, vermill, stainless steel, and other combination of metals. Types of silverwares are the following:
1. Dinner Spoon – Used for partaking rice, soup, and other foods.
2. Dinner Fork (four-pronged) – For main dishes, entrees, and others.
3. Soup Spoon – This is smaller than dinner spoon, used for soup, stirring coffee or tea, chocolate, and fruit juices.
4. Salad Fork (four-pronged) – For salads and desserts.
5. Pickle Fork (three-pronged) – For partaking pickles and other vegetables.
6. Oyster Fork (three-pronged) – For picking oysters and other seafoods.
7. Demitasse Spoon (9-inch in length) – For partaking food with ice-shaving or ice cream.
8. Dinner Knife (9-inch in length) – For slicing, picking, and other dining purposes.
9. Steak Knife (lighter in weight than dinner knife) – For cutting roast beef, pork, and chicken.
10. Serving Spoon – For serving main dishes, vegetables, and other accompaniments.
11. Serving Fork – For serving main dishes and salads.
12. Pastry Server – For serving pastries, cakes, and the likes.
13. Soup Ladle (long handle, small rounded, deep bowl) – Used for serving soup, gravies, and sauces.
14. Butter Spreader – For spreading butter to bread.
15. Teaspoon – For stirring coffee/tea and juices and sometimes used for dessert.
16. Cake Server – Used for serving cake.
16. Cake Server – Used for serving cake.
17. Place Knife – Used for serving main dishes.
18. Place Fork – Used with place knife for serving main dishes.
19. Place Spoon – For serving main dishes.
20. Sugar Spoon – Used with sugar bowl to serve sugar.
21. Ladle – For picking rice and other dishes.
22. Cocktail Fork – For picking aperitifs/appetizers.
Care of Dinnerware
The life of dinnerware can be prolonged through proper care.
After using, scrape the remaining food with rubber scraper.
Use a soft cloth or sponge with detergent to remove scraps and rinse with warm water.
Dry and store dinnerware immediately in their proper storage.
Put pads or paper in between pieces.
Never use steel wool or any rough scoring pads to clean dinnerware. Care of Silverwares/Flatwares
Silverwares should be washed and rinsed promptly in hot water and dried completely before storing.

A soft small brush may be used to clean ornamental silver. Cornstarch or silver polish may be used to make the silverwares shiny.
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