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No description

sam magri

on 30 January 2014

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Transcript of Photography

Contact Sheet
I dont have a contact sheet. I tried it two days before the dark room closed and i couldnt get it then i tried the next day and it still didnt work so i gave up.
Content Page
Shape and Form

Unity And Variety
Slide 2: Content page
Slide 3: Artist statement
Photography FSE
Sam Magri
December 6th 2013
Elements of art
Slide 4: Line
Slide 5: shape and From
Slide6: Value
Slide 7: Colour
Slide 8: Space
Slide 9: Texture
Principals of design
Slide 10: Balance
Slide 11: Unity and Variety
Slide 12: Movement
Slide 13: Emphasis
Slide 14: Proportion
Slide 15: Pattern
Slide 16: Content sheet
Slide 17: Photo 1
Slide 18: Photo 2
Slide 19: Photo 3
Slide 20: Photo 4
Slide 21: Photo 1
Slide 22: Photo 2
Slide 23: Photo 3
Slide 24: Photo 4
Slide 25: Photo 1
Slide 26: Photo 2
Slide 27: Photo 3
Slide 28: Photo 4
Slide 29: Photo 5
Slide 30: Reflection
Artist Statement
I took most of my pictures on my IPhone. I took a lot of pictures of flowers. Changing the position of the flower or the camera helped me take better pictures. I would move different objects to change the setting for a new atmosphere. I really like bright colours in my pictures , because if you get the right angle and focus properly you can end up with an amazing picture. I have always been into nature and animals so i think if i ever perused a career in photography it would be mainly nature pictures. Taking pictures helps me focus and I really enjoy it, its an easy way for me to relax and create art that nobody else has. The one thing I like the most about photography is when you take a beautiful picture you know that your the only one in the world with that exact picture. Yes people may have pictures of the same flower or the same animal, but no one will ever have the exact same picture that you just captured. Its yours and yours only. Just the feeling that you have an amazing one of a kind picture is awesome.
When I took this picture I was waiting in line for a ride at about 10:30pm at Cedar Point, and i thought it looked cool so i took a couple pictures. The ferris wheel kept changing colours so I kept taking pictures and ended up with this amazing coulourful photo. Like i said i love colours and this picture has a lot!
This picture shows one of my passions. I love longboarding. I went to a lonboarding meet in downtown Windsor and stacked all the boards on one of the statues by the water and got this. When I handed this picture in I didnt even notice the object in the background. However I still really like this picture.
This picture I honestly dont think I should have handed in it was a really bad picture and i had no ideas. I believe I handed it in as a last minutiae picture to. Its just a really bad picture .
When I took this picture I was at my grandmas she has a lot of different plants in her backyard and I loved how bright this yellow is. I personally think the background is to busy but it s a really pretty picture. I played around with the angles and brightness for a bit and ended up with this.
For this picture I was actually just in my moms car driving down the street and I loved the colour of the sky. The rays of sun light in the top right corner make the picture look amazing! I also like the silo in the background. It really captures the "SPACE" Element.
I took this picture in my grandmas backyard again. I like how it starts in the middle and bursts out in swirls. You can really see the texture in it. I also like the background it looks really cool
This picture is by far my favorite! I love the colour and the layers! I even like the leafs in the background. I like the center how it looks like it pops out. I took this one in my grandmas backyard. It only took one picture to get it!
Like many of my other pictures I took this one at my grandmas. I played with the amount of flowers in the picture and ended up with this. I think it really portrays unity and variety.
This may not seem like movement to some people, but i think there is movement in the sun because its a sunrise. All artists look at things differently and this was just my way of showing movement. Even though i showed it in a different way then most people doesnt mean it isnt movement. It all just depends on how u look at it.
I took this picture at my house . i chose this one because i loved the look of the two flames and how the top flame is behind the wood. I also like the red at the bottom.
I really like this picture. At first i wanted it to look like she was picking the car up but it didnt work very well so i decided to do this instead.
From this point on i started to get sloppy with my pictures. Waiting until last minute to take them and handing them in late. I called it "bad picture" because i dont think it is very creative. It is pattern but its very original.
Darkroom Photo 1
I like this picture the best out of my darkroom pictures. its really detailed and the knot in the tree makes it right weighted and i really like it.
Darkroom Photo 2
This picture didnt turn out as good as i wanted it to but its not to bad.
Darkroom Photo 3
I like the background in this picture. The branches look really cool.
Darkroom Photo 4
I only chose this picture because i had no other options. I know its not very good but oh well.
Peer Photo 1
Lightroom Photo 1
I love this picture! Her eyes are beautiful! its my favourite picture of the shoot.
Lightroom Photo 2
Peer Photo 2
Peer Photo 3
Peer Photo 4
This photo was taken by my bestfriend Nickole Johnston. It was actually taken at my house. She is an amazing photographer. I actually like this picture a lot! I like how it looks in black and white.
This picture was taken by Nash Lebrun. I think this photo is amazing! The focus on the spider is perfect. Although I hate spiders I really like this.
Lightroom Photo 3
Lightroom Photo 4
Peer Photo 5
I used ashtyn as one of my models. I chose her because i love her body shape. I think shes beautiful in this picture.
I used kenzie for a model. I love how you can see her expression in her eyes. I didnt like the mask but i love it on her. I think it compliments her eyes.
This photo was also taken by my bestfriend nickole. I love the detail of the eye! I think nickole is an amazing photographer. She has an eye for it and is amazingly talented!
This photo was taken by jacob kane. He isnt in my class but i love longboarding and its a picture of evan merritts board and its really cool!
This photo was taken by Bryce Seguin. I like how the middle of the flower is darker then the rest of it. i love the pick colour of it its really pretty
I loved photography! i thought it was really fun! i loved going out and taking pictures! It is by far one of my favourite classes ! and Mrs papak is probably that best teacher ever! i am definitely taking this class next year! I found it really hard to focus on the work and for this fse i never knew what to say about the pictures it was kind of frustrating especially sinse i just noticed that im failing the class. i am really disappointed in myself. I thought i was doing a lot better but i guess not. i dont think i will be passing the course i did struggle the last little bit but its still my favourite class. Thank you for a wonderful semester !
I used nickole as my model because she has amazing eyes! I love this picture it really captures the mask and her eyes are gorgeous.
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