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Animal Overpopulation

No description

Megan Day

on 23 April 2014

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Transcript of Animal Overpopulation

Animal Overpopulation
Refers to the
of domestic animals.
The overpopulation affects the local pound because they cannot store all the animals there and are forced to euthanize the animals. Animals that are not aggressive are given a week before euthanized. Animals that are aggressive are euthanized the night they are picked up/ brought in.
Local animal shelters provide jobs raising households income.
To many stray animals run around making residents scared for their own pets to be outside.
Government builds the animal shelters offering jobs to local residents then collects taxes from animal shelters and households. Since the overpopulation government has to build more shelters costing more money causing taxes on certain things to rise.
Rest of the World
Every year 5,000,000-7,000,00
are brought to animal shelters.
What is Animal Overpopulation
More and more animal shelters are being built. The animal shelters require finances to stay in business and provide for the animals such as food.
I've looked over many solutions to animal overpopulation and to every solution there are always pros and cons. The best solution to this topic is that anyone who adopts a animal has to have the animal neuter/spayed and have the animal chipped.
How do we
solve this issue?

The procedure to neuter/ spay a pet is between $35-$60. Owners who could not afford this would need finical help from the government. Vets would receive more business because owners would be required to get the procedure which would mean government would receive more income from the vets. The procedure would keep animals from producing offspring and adding to the animal overpopulation.
Why require pets to be neutered/spayed?
Did you know?
In 3 years and as early as 4 months old (1 female and 1 male can produce): Dogs-512 offspring
Cats-382 offspring
Chipped pets are safe pets!
A law requiring all pets to be chipped would keep owners from dropping their pets off wherever when they no longer want them. It would also help animals that run away or get lost to be found. This procedure usually cost $45 and up.
Who does it affect? Everyone!
Research Notes
What are the necessary conditions for any possible solution to work?
Any animal that is picked up from by animal officers should be spayed/ neutered the day they are found.

2. Are there budget or labor concerns?
The procedure to spay or neuter a animal are between $35- $60
3. Does the public need to be aware of and support the solution?
The public should support the solution and even get their animals fixed so their animals are not contributing to the overpopulation.
4. What challenges are there to implementing each solution?
Financing is one of the biggest obstacles to each solution
5. How else might you judge possible solutions against each other?
Which solution is easier and possible to go through with.
6. What do your parents/others in the community say about the issue?
People in the community believe it’s time to make a change.

7. Should possible externalities factor into the chosen solution?
Yes , everything should be taken into consideration.

The residents of a household will have to pay more money to fulfill the regulations about their pets. Government will receive more taxes from local animal shelters and vets giving the government more money to supporting their programs and services. Business such as vets and animals shelters will receive more business increasing their revenue. The rest of the world is affected since the government will have more money they will increase their programs which will increase jobs.
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