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Coca Cola Presentation

No description

Jesslyn The

on 2 July 2013

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Transcript of Coca Cola Presentation

| | | | | | | | | | | | |
Once upon a time...
500 brands
1.7 billion servings a day
Marketing Mix
2/ Price
1/ Product
3/ Place
4/ Promotion
1/ Product
Human Resources
4 P's
Ad for Coca Cola
Coca-Cola and the environment
1. Segmentation
2. Targeting
Market Segmentation
Welcome to the Coca-Cola Company!
Thanks for your attention!
Let's have a coke!
Any questions?
3. Positioning
Type: Public
Industry: Beverage
Founded: 1982
Founder: Asa Griggs Candler
Headquarters: Coca-Cola headquarters Atlanta, Georgia, US
Area Served: Worldwide (over 200 countries/territories)
Key People: Muhtar Kent (Chairman & CEO)
Products: Beverages (Soda, Juice, Sport water, Vitamin water, Mineral Water, etc)
Employees: 146,200 (2011)
Website: TheCoca-ColaCompany.com
Netherland Indische Mineral Water Fabriek bottled Coca-Cola for the first time in Batavia (Jakarta)
production fallen
because of the
colonial of Japan
After the independence day of Indonesia, Coca-Cola bottling factory back and operated under the name of The Indonesia Bottle Ltd Nv, with national company status.
A new modern bottling factory built named PT. The Jaya Beverages Bottling Company
1979 Other bottling company started to pop up, like PT. Tirta Mukti Indah which became the bottling factory for West Java region.
1983 The distribution of Coca-Cola was given by PT. Tirta Mukti Indah to PT. Ranca Agung Luhur
All of Coca-Cola companies in Indonesia merged into two big companies named PT. Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia Bottling for the bottling company, and PT. Coca-Cola Amatil for the distribution company
PT Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia Bottling changed name into PT Coca-Cola Bottling Indonesia, and PT. Coca-Cola Amatil changed name into PT. Coca-Cola Distribution Indonesia
Until now, there are 11 Coca-Cola factories in Indonesia which are located in Jakarta, Medan, Surabaya, Semarang, Ujung pandang, Bandung, Padang, Bali, Manado, Banjarmasin , dan Lampung.
History In Indonesia
Source : www.coca-colaamatil.co.id
Program Structure
-Bachelor/Master Graduates from reputable university, with excellent academic record.
-Maximum 1 year working experience.
-Active in organization or any social activities.
-Possesses good interpersonal skills.
-Communication skill (oral and written) in English and Bahasa Indonesia.
-Willing to travel and located all around Indonesia.
General Requirements
How To Apply
Employees Thought About
Working in Coca Cola Amatil Indonesia
“Young people often feel impatient in their career. But we really should be patience, because this company will give attention to those who give significant contributions. When I first entered the company, Indonesia was still recovering from 1998 monetary crisis. So I only had my eye on the big name, big brand, big company that has good sustainability. And of course, Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia has that.” -
Beni Juniarta,  Region Marketing Manager
This program has delivered 10 groups of graduates with various strategic positions within the organization since 1995.

A 12-months structured training method.
Graduate Trainee Program (GTP)
Source: PT Coca Cola Bottling Indonesia
Pet 425ml Coca Cola
Price range between IDR 3,000 – IDR 8,000
Buy in pack is more cheaper.
Coca-cola sold in more than 200 countries.
Coca-Cola is a carbonated soft drink sold in :
Vending Machines
Advertisement : TV commercial, newspaper, magazines, poster, banner, youtube.

Blog : www.coca-colaamatil.co.id

Twitter : @CokeAmatilID

Facebook : Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia (Fan Page)

Email : ncc@sea.ccamatil.com
Coca Cola bottle size 500ml, 1L, 1.5L, 2L pack

Coca-Cola segments different occasions which are celebrated in the country. The credit for making celebrations available for almost everyone largely goes to Coca-Cola Company
Coke segments its products country wise and region wise.

Demographically based on age, income and family size specifically target more young than older
Target marketing of Coca Cola :

Coca cola customers are mainly teenagers and young adults between the ages of 16 to 35. Coca cola also made diet coke for those who are suffering from sugar problems.

Their targeting is not based gender but the results show that both genders like this product and use it.
Positioning of Coca Cola:
If anyone put one coca cola and one Pepsi in front of us about 65% of people choose coca cola because of its taste, its packaging attracts the young generation very much.
Recently, coca cola has proven that, it is the highest selling cold drink in the whole country and above the world.
There are currently 10 brands of Coca Cola products in Indonesia.
To join this program, you are required to complete the GTP Application Form 2012 from our website (click here). After completing your application form please do the following:

Write the subject of your e-mail as “CCAI GTP 2013”. Please be noted that we will not process any application without indicating the subject.

Send the completed application form along with your CV to CCAI_Recruitment@sea.ccamatil.com

The closing date for application is on Wednesday, 31 October 2012. Only eligible applicant will be processed.
Trained human resources.
Consumer loyalty brand against coca – cola.
Brand image.
Continuous innovation.
A good marketing strategy.
Attractive product packaging.
Carbonated drink is not good for our health (drink continously).
Coca cola not produce organic product.
The profit of coca cola can risen.
We can get softdrink anywhere.
Cocacola have competitor from pepsi and cadburry.
There is an increase in the cost in each unit due to the limit of raw material.
Coca-Cola vs Big Cola
CocaCola vs Pepsi
The Competitor of Coca Cola
Current Pepsi's 2-D logo introduced in October 2008.
Type Cola Manufacturer PepsiCo Country of origin United States Introduced 1893 (as Brad's Drink)August 28, 1898 (as Pepsi-Cola)1961 (as Pepsi)
Related products Coca-ColaRC ColaIrn BruCola TurkaBig Cola
Website pepsi.com
Direct Competitor
Registration Date: 01 February 2011Last Updated: 26 March 2011Business Nature: Trade of Food & Beverage
Type: cola
Market Analysis
Coca-cola as the top brands in top 100 in theworld
The Competitor of Coca Cola
Coca-cola in Indonesia Market
SWOT Analysis
"I feel very grateful to work in a company that doesn’t judge people from their age, but from their ability. In Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia, we’re all given the same chance.“
Vebbyna Kaunang,  Marketing Director

“Think as if CCAI is our own business. As ‘entrepreneur’, we will begin to think the ways on how the company would do well and bring out more profit. With this mindset, we will finally be able to develop our career and salary.”
LIJAL MANSYURDIN, Sales and Operations Planning Manager
Soft Drink
Energy Drink
Tea and Coffee
Juice Drink
Sport Drink
The Slogan
More variation in the packaging.

Improve the flavor variation in Indonesia.

Build a store that sells coca cola brands.

Discount from coca cola itself.
Group Suggestion for 4P's
Coca Cola firstly invented in 1886 by John Styth Pemberton.

Coca Cola have many product from soft drink, sport drink, juice drink, until mineral water.

Coca Cola is the first and the best carbonated drink in the world.

Coca Cola direct competitor is Pepsi.
Presented By: Calvin, Febru, Jesslyn, Putri
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