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Formal and Informal Business Meetings

The Difference between formal and informal business meetings.

Ayra Christine Reyes

on 2 February 2011

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Transcript of Formal and Informal Business Meetings

Formal and Informal It has a predetermined set of topics that one wishes to discuss along with a set of objectives that one wishes to achieve at the end of the meeting. A formal meeting is a preplanned meeting. Generally it is a senior executive who presides over the affair. The members of the meeting are often given a considerable period of notice before the meeting, preferably through formal means such as memos. It is run under strict rules, like the rules of parliamentary procedure summarized in "Robert's Rule of Order. Minutes record each motion and the vote on it. Each point is settled by a vote. Informal meetings are generally not planned well in advance. Formal rules help the meeting run smoothly if the group is very large or if the agenda is very long. Motions must be made formally before a topic can be debated. They generally take place in neutral surroundings, for example in a restaurant rather than a boardroom. Criza Red Bernadette Rivera Rey
Rey Ayra Christine Reyes Aurin Robles Arweenson Rojo Myross Romasanta Mark Anthony Villamater April Viyar Stuart Business Meetings Formal and Informal What is Robert's Rule of Order?
It is the short title of a book containing rules of order intended to be adopted as a parliamentary authority for use by a deliberative assembly. Who is the person behind it? Oops..It's not me! PRESENTED BY: Thank you!!!!. . .
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