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Biegamy w Katowicach!

No description

Aleksander Uszok

on 19 November 2013

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Transcript of Biegamy w Katowicach!

The Running Map
of Katowice

Runners from Katowice!

Are you an experienced marathoner, a sunday-jogger, or someone just about to try a bit of jogging?

This project is for
Katowice is a real
runner's paradise
. Forests and parks cover over 40% of its area. You will find there tens of miles of scenic running paths, where you can enjoy your running experience!
Share that experience with us! Show us your favorite running routes! Places, where your
running passion blossoms
And learn about paths where other runners go for training!
We want to use your propositions to create a
Running Map of Katowice
All your running routes will be put on our open internet map with full description
- length, surface, access to parking or playground for kids etc.
Description will include everything necessary to make it as usable and friendly for all runners as possible.

We need your help to do it!
Best 3 of your routes from the internet map will be later marked in real environment.
The local government of Katowice has already agreed to participate at this stage of our project!
We hope, that with your help it will be just a beginning...!


Join us! Let's do it together!
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