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Huck Finn Map

A visual timeline of the travels of Huck Finn

Ben L.

on 19 October 2012

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Transcript of Huck Finn Map

The Journey of Huck Finn By Ben Lin Mississippi River St. Petersburg St. Louis Walter Scott Wreck Cairo Grangerford/Shepherdson Estates Pokeville Bricksville Pikesville Wilks House Jackson Island Huck Finn is taken in by the Widow Douglas and Ms. Watson to civilize him. Finn is kidnapped by his father, but escapes to here and runs into Jim, a slave of Ms. Watson's. Floating House Huck and Jim paddle down the Mississippi and encounter a floating house, which they loot for supplies. Huck and Jim find a wrecked steamboat with robbers aboard, and they have to steal their boat to escape. Huck and Jim were going to stop here to catch a steamboat up the Ohio, but a thick fog separates them long enough to miss it. A steamboat runs over Huck and Jim's raft, forcing them to separate; Huck goes ashore and is taken in by the Grangerfords. Two conmen join Huck and Jim on the raft, the conmen escaping from a mob of people they just swindled. The conmen put on some shows here, one Shakespeare and the Royal Nonesuch, and a Colonel Sherburn shoots the town drunk. Huck, Jim, and the conmen learn about the funeral for Peter Wilks in a tavern here. The conmen pretend to be family members of Peter Wilks and try to swindle them, but are discovered. The conmen sell Jim here and are tarred and feathered. Phelp's House Huck finds Jim here, pretends to be Tom, meets Tom, breaks Jim out, and ties up loose ends with the arrival of Aunt Polly.
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