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The Last Czar - The Fall of the Romanov Dynasty

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Michael Ungar

on 19 January 2018

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Transcript of The Last Czar - The Fall of the Romanov Dynasty

The Last Czar - The Fall of the Romanov Dynasty
1613 - Mikhail Romanov Takes the throne
The Romanov Rulers
The Crimean War 1853- 1856
Read about the Crimean War
1861: Alexander II abolishes serfdom
The Transformation of Russia 1880's-1890's
The Russian Social Democratic Party is Formed - 1903
The last of the Romanovs
1 Nov 1894 - Coronation of Nicholas II
26 Nov 1894 - Marriage of Nicholas and Alexandra
15 Nov 1895 - Birth of Olga Romanov
10 Jun 1897 - Birth of Tatiana Romanov
26 Jun 1899 - Birth of Maria Romanov
18 Jun 1901 - Birth of Anastasia Romanov
12 Aug 1904 Birth of Alexis Romanov (Tsarevich of Russia)

1584 - Ivan the Terrible Dies
Who was Ivan the Terrible?
The first of the Romanov Tsars is crowned
Source: Wiki commons
Read the article and watch the documentary before answering the focus questions.
Write a short biography for Ivan.
Why did the Boyars accept Ivan as the first Tsar?
How was the death of Ivan's first wife a blow to the Russian state?
What was the purpose of the Oprichniki?
Why was this time called the time of troubles?
After the terror of Ivor why did the nobles want to elect another Tsar?
Why was Mikhail so reluctant to take on the role of Tsar?
To what extent was Mikhail personally responsible for the rebuilding of Russia?
Source: Biographies.com
Why did Russia enter into war with ,Great Britain, France and the Kingdom of Sardinia?
Why was the war such a defeat for Russia?
Crimea War Documentary
What reforms did Alexander II bring about?
Why did Alexander bring about the establishment of serfdom?
Evaluate the freedom the establishment of serfdom had on the serfs. Did it bring about positive change?
Why dispute the 'positive' reforms he sought to establish was he under constant attack by dissidents?
Evaluate the rule of Alexander II.
"It is better to abolish serfdom from above than to wait for the time when it will begin to abolish itself from below."
The Abolition of Serfdom in Russia. The Manifesto of February 19, 1861
Read the Manifesto and answer the questions
What measures were put in place to manage the establishment of serfdom?
Provide evidence from the manifesto to suggest the peasants were not instantly free after its declaration.
Provide evidence from the manifesto that shows the Tsar appeasing the nobles complaints about the abolition.
Provide evidence from the manifesto to suggest the Tsar saw himself as God's representative on earth.
How did Russia Change between 1880-1910?
What problems were associated with this change?
Industrial growth in Russia causes the middle class (bourgeoisie) to appear. Peasants move off of the land and a class of workers (proletariat) appears also. These far outnumber the middle and upper classes.
Watch the Video and outline the issues faced by Russia.
Overview of the Russian Revolution
Nicholas II 1894 - 1917
Alexander III 1881 - 1894
Alexander II 1855 - 1881
Alexander I 1801 - 1825
Nicholas I 1825 - 1855
Nicholas II 1796 - 1801
The Russian Social Democratic Party breaks into two groups, the Bolshaviks (majority), led by Lenin, a more violent and radical group and the Mensheviks (minority) led by Maratov.
Can you Identify any of the figures in this photo?
What mistakes did Alexander Kerensky make in securing power?

Who was Julias Maratov?
Why did he fall out with Lenin?

The Russo - Japanese War 1904-1905
Why did Russia go to war with Japan?
Why was Russia on the "back foot" during the signing of the Portsmouth Treaty?
What impact did the war have on the public back in Russia?
Bloody Sunday Jan 9, 1905
January 9th: Tsarist troops open fire on a peaceful demonstration of workers in the streets of St Petersburg labeled from then on ‘Bloody Sunday’.
January 18th: The Tsar meets with a delegation of industrial workers and declares that he has “forgiven them”. -

Russia Enters WW I 1914
Bloody Sunday 1905
Why did Russia have some quick victories at the beginning of the war?
What problems did the Russian army have?
Why did Russia enter into WW I
October 17th 1905 Nicholas Signs the October Manifesto
After much social unrest the Tsar signs the October Manifesto. The Manifesto promised a constitution and the formation of State Duma (Government). The Tsar listened to conservative members of his court and the state Duma would be elected by people with land and leaders of the peasant communes.

Why was there still unrest amongst the Soviets after the October Manifestos release?


Rasputin enters the Royal Family 1907
Rasputin was a monk who befriended the Royal family. In July Tsarevich, Alexei, suffered a life-threatening hemophiliac ‘bleed'; his suffering is eased after a visit from Rasputin. From this point Rasputin has complete control over the Tsarina. With The Tsar away leading the soldiers Rasputin appoints his own allies in prominent positions of power.
What power did Rasputin have in the Royal court?
How did he abuse his power?
How did Rasputin cause instability in the Government and the army?
Why was Rasputin seen as the cause of Russian problems?
What metaphor does the image below portray of Rasputin's hold on Russia?
How did the revolutionaries use the image of Rasputin to convince the public of the evils of the monarchy?
The Russian Fundamental Laws are Passed April 23, 1906
How does the passing of the laws tell historians about the understanding of the Royal family to the issues present in Russia?
Murder of the Royal family
Why did the Bolsheviks see the murder of the royal family as necessary?

15 March 1917 The Tsar Nicholas II Abdicates
Official Document transcript
Why did Nicholas II Abdicate?
The February Revolution 1917
February 23, 1917 The Russian Women's Strike

Sparknotes - The February Revolution

Why was the February seen as a turning point?
Outline the causes of the Russian Revolution.
First hand account of the Assassination
Impact of the war on Russia
What was the impact of the war on Russia?
Research each Emperor and write a short biography. Under each biography list the positive and negative actions and traits of each ruler. Are there any common traits amongst the rulers?
Russian Revolution Timeline 1904- 1924
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