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The Use of Colour to Create a Emotional Impact in Sin City

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Steven Mackenzie

on 13 December 2013

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Transcript of The Use of Colour to Create a Emotional Impact in Sin City

The Use of Colour to Create a Emotional Impact in Sin City
With the film being in this format it helps the image of it being a 'Sin City' as it creates its own shadows and sense of mysterious danger like a child being scared of the dark and their imagination giving them nightmares.
The use of yellow is used to highlight one of the film's villains. This villain is presented as being disgusting and smelling after a reconstruction medical procedure with the use of the luminous yellow this helps the user identify this as it has connotations of being nuclear which then provide imagery such as radiation poising.
Sin City is a film adapted from comics by Frank Millar who was also the creator of the film 300, which uses a similar use of colour.
The film is made using a film noir, black and white colour throughout, these monochromes help the user identify with that of comic books. It comes a psychological sense that the film is being drawn on with black ink on to a white piece of paper.
Black and white is not the only use of colour in the film, colours such as: red, blue and yellow are all used sparingly. When they are used they look luminous, these are usually used to highlight narration.
At the start of the film a female character is in a red dress and is the first to die, therefore when the viewer sees the colour they are reminded that this represents blood and danger.
Being a film that has a lot of scenes of violence the use of the monochrome colours help desensitize the viewer and disconnecting from the emotional reaction from the violence on screen.
The use of the colour luminous white is used as character's blood but has a double meaning. When the viewer sees white i can suggest angelic imagery, when a villain is hurt it is the evil getting overcome from the good whereas the heroes being hurt are heavenly symbols.
The use of blue is used in a character's eyes who is thought to be trusted but later deceives, the use of the colour blue can be seen as an innocent colour as it is psychologically linked to a baby's eyes.
I believe that the use of colour in this film is used very effectively in order to help drive the narrative of the film. I think that certain colours used to signify certain opinions of certain characters could have been used more often in order to truly justify these elements. I think that the monochrome colours are very effective overall in converying the film as a noir styled comic book motion picture although I think uses of contrast could be used more regularly. Such as the use of the colour grey to convey a character who is neither good nor evil. The film could also use other colours to convey emotion thorughout the film such as green to represent envy in some if the characters or blue for a calming atmosphere which would help break up the violent scenes.
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