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The Vampire Diaries

No description

Sevyn Sherlock

on 24 January 2013

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Transcript of The Vampire Diaries

Written By: L J Smith Our novel is Comic For Climax




http://www.bitstrips.com/user/JZV90/read.php?comic_id=P3DP1&subsection=1 Our Novel Ratings Sevyn Out of 10 I give this novel an 8 for 3 reasons. Firstly, even though it was a very good read I feel as if I didn`t develop enough of a connection with the main characters. Secondly, I also feel as if the novel wasn`t descriptive enough. I would have liked if it were because it would have given the novel more of an eerie feeling and I could have enjoyed it more. Lastly, I feel as if Elena and Stefan`s relationship was very unrealistic and I didn`t feel the romance as I expected. Intro

The opening pages of the book see Elena,
who is a popular high school senior, fashion
trendsetter who lives with her Aunt in Fell's Church. As Elena goes to school she is over whelmed with dark feelings. She writes about all of these feelings in a private journal she owns. This year there
is a new student, Stefan. He has a mysterious
vibe that Elena finds to be irresistible. Sevyns Word Cloud Emily rate is 9 out of 10 for suspence because around the end of the novel there was a lot of suspence. also when she found out stefan was a vampire there was suspence. and finally when Caroline was going to read her diarie to the town there was a lot of suspense Brooke's Word Cloud Emily's Word Cloud By Jeremy Emily Brooke & Sevyn Emily Themes for the Novel.
Emily: theme stament is Love is complicated. this is because Elena was in love with stefan but ashe ended up loving damen as well. and both damen and stefan loved elena.
Sevyn: The theme statement of this novel is that love can be for anyone, and trust is needed. Even though Elena knows Stefan is a vampire, she trusts that he won't kill him and she still wants to love him.
Brooke: I believe the theme statements of 'The Vampire Diaries' are that everyone has their secrets, and that love is unconditional. Upon discovering about Stefan's secret life of being a vampire, Elena still continues to work through their problems together. Elena knew that it would be easier to stay with Stefan, than it would be to leave him. Elena continued to love Stefan unconditionally, despite his flaws.
Jeremy: I think the theme of this novel is that love can be dangerous and lead to serious things. Maybe not a vampire war, but other serious things. I dont think Elena was expecting a relationship with a mysterious boy to end up the dangerous story it ended up to be. Sevyn Brooke The inciting force in the novel 'The Vampire Diaries', is when the old man is found dead under Wickery Bridge. This only lead to new suspicions being formulated by the citizens of Fell's Church. The town is on edge about the fact that there's an unknown murder amongst the streets of their beloved town. Who's next, if anyone, is yet to be discovered. Can they catch the culprit before it's too late? The major conflict that had the most affect on the climax, was the conflict at the haunted house. Mr. Tanner was being irresponsible and going back on his agreement to resemble a sacrifice. Everyone was trying to ration with him, but it wasn't until Stefan went to talk to him that Mr. Tanner finally gave in. The only issue was, that after Stefan had talked to him, the discovery was made that Mr. Tanner had been murdered. Stefan just happened to be the last person to see him alive. Upon telling the town about her engagement to Stefan, Elena finds herself caught in a vicious storm created by Damon. In an attempt to esacape, Elena tries to cross water in Matt's car by driving over the bridge. Unfortunately, the bridge had collapsed and Elena had found herself fighting for survival, and trying not to drowned. Stefan arrived at the scene as quickly as possible, only to pull a lifeless, doll-like Elena, from the water. Assuming she was dead, Stefan went after his brother Damon, in order to seek revenge. Elena then awoke to an undying need for a squirrel's blood. Elena spoke of going to help 'him' and how they were going to be together. Who 'he' is, is still unclear. The rating I would give 'The Vampire Diaries' out of 10, is an 8. Firstly, I found the overall story to be quite fascinating. I enjoyed reading a sort of genre, in which I'm not familiar. Secondly, I felt as though the novel lacked little to no suspense. The novel had repeatedly left me eager to continue reading further. Finally, I enjoyed the exceptional description of the rivalry between brothers Stefan and Damon. I believe it gave an interesting twist to the novel and kept the novel's intensity levels running high. However, the reason I would only give this novel an 8, is due to the fact that I feel as though the author was almost too descriptive of minor events. I found some of the novel's events to be very drawn out, only to discover the lack of significance the event had to the main idea of the novel. For the most part, the novel was quite entertaining and it's most likely something I will read again. Brooke Inciting Force Crisis Points Conclusion Jeremy I would give this book only a 6 out of 10 for a few reasons, none of which involve how well the author wrote the book but more about my personal tastes. First off, I think the book was very well and give Smith a pat on the back. she did a very good job creating dramatic scenes and describing the perfect setting for the mood of the situation. However, the novel didnt really suit my tastes. Some parts it felt a little over dramatized and other parts moved too fast for my liking. Next, I don't care for sappy romance books at all. The love story in this book seemed almost unrealistic, like it grew too fast to seem real. I think it takes a lot more than a sexy mysterious vampire swooping in and saving your life a few times, then making out with him to build a real relationship. It would have been a little more on the believable side if they had a much bigger social life together outside of all the vampire legend problems. Overall, its a decent book. It cant compare to the television series in my eyes but if there is a reader thats into vampire love stories, id recommend this book - Jeremy Jeremy
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