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Guardians of the Galaxy

No description

Cody Lang

on 2 February 2016

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Transcript of Guardians of the Galaxy

Majority of Movie
Guardians of the Galaxy
"Team Awesome"
Bradley Tenbrinke Riley McCracken
Cody Lang
Chris Lavelle Craig Arnold
The Team
All members willing and able to work together

- Initially they work against each other
- Once they have a goal to work towards, they work together better
Team Composition
Team AWESOME & The Guardians of the Galaxy
Peter Quill (Star-Lord)
Gamora "The Assassin"
Drax (The Destroyer)
Peter "Starlord" Quill
Drax "The Destroyer"
Groot "The Tree"
Sequential Interdependence
Sub faction of the team
Rocket "The Raccoon"
- Team Leader
- master strategist and problem solver
- expert in close-quarter combat
Team Cohesion
- Little to no meaningful communication, and little regard for each other's safety
- They feel like they are stuck with each other for their individual end goals of either money or revenge.
- Initial expectations are that they will get their money and then quickly disband once they have it.
- Team Muscle
- Hot Tempered
- Protective
- Arrogant
- Aggressive
- Reckless
- Born on Earth
- Kidnapped by junkers
- His mother died at a young age


- Family killed by Ronan
- Spent many years prior seeking revenge
Early Movie
Late Movie
- Crafty & clever
- Ammunition Expert
- Expert Pilot
- Master Strategist
- Bounty hunter
- Rocket is the result of a number of illegal biological experiments
- Partnered with Groot prior to joining the team.
-Formed by a series of events that landed them in prison
-Their time helps solidify what their individual roles will be.
-The group is driven by a common goal: get the Orb.
-No rules; they do things the way they see fit.
- Throughout everything the team's cohesion is maintained (with some difficulty) by Peter Quill.
- Members depend on each other
- Task oriented
- Tasks completed in order
-The moral center
-Bounty hunter

- Partnered with Rocket prior to joining the team.
- The group communicates much better.
- They cooperate to overcome Ronan,
forming strong connections and
friendships along the way.
Individual Goals
Draxx- Revenge
Gamora- Safety
Peter- Money
Rocket- Money
Groot- Money
Team Goals
Escape from Prison
Deliver the Orb
- Bold
- Aggressive
- Fearless
- Intelligent
- confident
- controlling
- Sent to Ronan to help obtain the infinity stone.
- Kidnapped by Thanos
- Family killed by Thanos

Initially, the plans to escape the prison are created by Rocket. Once they escape, they each have their own agenda. For example, Drax is more focused on getting his revenge, while Rocket and Groot are all about the money.
Groot took the power source as soon as Rocket mentioned it, which was supposed to be the last thing to get before committing to the plan, but what actually happened is everyone had to improvise to get the plan in action as quickly as possible.

Later on, they have a more solid plan, and they each know their place in the group. They know what they need to do, but it's still easy enough for them to get overcome by power (or alcohol).
- Formed by series of events
- Roles Established by these events
Team Size
"A team should be large enough to provide the necessary competencies and perspectives to perform the job well, yet small enough to maintain efficient coordination and meaningful involvement of each member."
- 5 members - Efficient
- Competent - Individual roles
- Coordinated - Unique perspectives
Team Development
Late Movie
- Team centered tasks
- Meaningful communication
- Large amount of trust
Do they ever disband?
Team Characteristics
All members actively manage the team’s work

- They have issues working together
All team members help to maintain a positive and healthy psychological state.

All members have the skills and motivation to resolve disagreements.
- Personal issues
- When things get out of hand, someone is there to be the mediator
All members transmit information freely

- Early on, communication is poor
- Later, they communicate better
Beginning of Movie:
- Complete their individual tasks
- Forced to work together
- Information is withheld
- Very little to no comforting
- Only Peter resolves the groups conflicts
- No rules are created
- No real consequences
Later Movie
- Complete designated task
- Well coordinated
- No information is withheld
- All members understand their tasks
- Members comfort each other
Early Movie
- Individual Tasks
- Poor communication
- Lack of trust
Forming - Team comes into being
Storming - Team roles and expectation are defined
Norming - Team rules and consequences are determined
Performing - How team performs best
Adjourning - Temporary teams disband
Types of Interdependence
Reciprocal Interdependence
- Formed by the orb
- Various motivations
- Looking to stop fighting
Conflict Resolving
- Shifts throughout the movie
- Reciprocal (Majority of the Movie)
- Sequential (sub faction Rocket/Groot)
- Pooled (End of the Movie)
Pooled Interdependence
- All report to Peter Quill
- Little interaction required
End Of The Movie
- Members depend on each other
- Task oriented
- All tasks need to be completed
- Plan created as a group

- Everyone has their own tasks
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