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Welcome to the ARBUS ePortfolio!

No description

Kathleen O'Hara

on 22 October 2014

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Transcript of Welcome to the ARBUS ePortfolio!

Welcome to the ARBUS ePortfolio!
Today's Agenda:

What are ePortfolios and why do we use them in ARBUS courses?

Resources to help you build ePortfolios

From vision to presentation: student examples

Good luck!

ePortfolios are digital representations of yourself as a learner and professional.

ePortfolios are
(websites) populated with

include documents, graphics, audio files, videos, presentations and more.

It is important for users to
on the choices and accomplishments that have shaped their own unique path.

Users can then easily
their achievements, knowledge and reflections with advisors, employers or peers.
What are ePortfolios?
Using ePortfolios in ARBUS classes
An opportunity for you to...

reflect on your learning, your personal and professional experiences

make connections across course material, classes, and your academic, professional and personal lives

see how your past, present and future are linked, and how you can use this knowledge to steer your future in the direction you want it to go

showcase your skills, experiences and knowledge using an online platform

use multimedia to represent your unique self

ePortfolio Help Website
Clear instructions on how to do almost anything on your ePortfolio. `

Student Sample ePortfolios
: Possible sections/material to include...

My Journey
- How did I get to where I a now

About me
- what moves me; my personal life; athletic life; what I read/watch/write/listen to; where I participate in the community; other interests

My plans for growth and Development

My service Learning experience

How I define success/how I will pursue success

Objectives for ePortfolio in

Create a personal website

Showcase who you are and how you are unique by reflecting on experiences that have helped shape who you are today

Use various artifacts and reflections to present your unique self in a creative and professional manner
What might you include on your ePortfolio?
Objectives for ePortfolio in

Create a more dynamic version of your resume

Focus on your
- what do you want to be known for?

Highlight experiences as they relate to your industry/field of interest

Use various artifacts and reflections to present your brand in a creative and professional manner
: Possible sections/material to include...

About me
- Who I am, my field of study, my ambitions, etc.

My work/volunteer experiences

My professional goals & aspirations

My service learning experience

Samples of my work -
projects, presentations, brochures, etc.

Ask me questions!

Send your ePortfolios questions to

For LEARN ePortfolio questions you can also email
Other platforms:
Youtube videos/forums/google search for other platforms
What other platforms is she talking about?

There are so many - use what you are comfortable with:

Google Sites
Some platforms will be free, others won't be.

Some will offer more options and some will be more customizable than others.
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