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Paul Revere, Propaganda, and Primary Documents

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Heather Jones

on 9 November 2012

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Transcript of Paul Revere, Propaganda, and Primary Documents

Boston Massacre The Midnight Ride
of Paul Revere Grant Wood, 1931 Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's poem,
The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere, 1861 Unhappy Boston! see thy Sons deplore
Thy hallow'd walks besmear'd with guiltless gore
While faithless P____n and his savage bands
With murd'rous rancour stretch their bloody hands
Like fierce barbarians grinning o'er their prey
Approve the carnage and enjoy the day.

If scalding drops from rage, from anguish wrung
If speechless sorrow, lab'ring for a tongue
Or if a weeping world can ought appease
The plaintive ghosts of victims such as these
The patriot's copious tears for each are shed
A glorious tribute which embalms the dead.

But know, Fate summons to that awful goal
Where Justice strips the murd'rer of his soul,
Should venal C___ts, the scandal of the land,
Snatch the relentless villain from her Hand
Keen execrations on this plate inscrib'd
Shall reach a Judge who never can be brib'd.

The unhappy sufferers were Mesr's Sam'l Gray, Sam'l Maverick, James Caldwell Crispus Attucks, & Patr. Carr Killed
Six wounded; two of them (Christ'r Monk & John Clark) mortally. March 5, 1770 Sometimes even
can be skewed
to try to shape
the audience's
opinion one way
or another Paul Revere Was a Silversmith by trade
He was a member of the patriot group the Sons of Liberty
He also practiced amateur dentistry Painting by
John Singleton Copley,
1768 Propaganda
is the spreading of ideas or
beliefs that help a particular cause
and hurt an opposing cause. Paul Revere ,
Primary Documents Please Look
at Page 148
in your
text book Now let's look at page 212-213
An excerpt from Esther Forbe's "Johnny Tremaine" written in 1943 Political Cartoons, Editorials, Songs, Sermons, Pamphlets, protests, riots, effigies, speeches, documents, newspapers, poetry
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