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Don Juan Tenorio

No description

on 6 November 2013

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Transcript of Don Juan Tenorio

Don Juan Tenorio
by: José Zorrilla

This text is the most well known Don Juan play in the Spanish-speaking world.
Don Luis is to marry Doña Ana.
Don Juan tells him that he is intended to make her another one of his tricks to up his score in the "game".
After getting out of jail Don Luis explains to Doña Ana that another man is going to try to seduce her.
Doña Ana reassures her love for Don Luis and tells him that he does not need to worry.
Don Luis plans on returning later that night at 10pm and this is when Don Juan intends to pull off his next trick.
Doña Inés
novice about to take her vows
described as innocent and trapped
-p. 91 "she's just a bird in a cage who has never roamed this earth"
-p. 100 "like a little dove you are: raised as a poor little bird"
daughter of Don Gonzalo
engaged to Don Juan
Doña Inés is taken from the convent by Don Juan to his house in Seville.
Brigida tells Doña Inés there was a fire.
Doña Inés alludes to magic or devil's doing.
-p. 133 "surely you made me drink some infernal evil potion"
-p. 134 "did the devil decide to give you these evil eyes, his readiness to improvise"
Don Juan ensures virtue- he is sincere.
- first time Don Juan feels love for one of the women in his plays.
- Doña Inés is like no other woman throughout the renditions of the legend.
Don Juan leaves.
Doña Inés finds her father's dead body and discovers Don Juan is the murderer.
In Trickster, the four women are symbols of what Don Juan attempts to ruin: nobility, independence, friendship and marriage.
In Moliere's play, Don Juan's conquest, Elvira, is much more developed but Don Juan was not in love with her.
Instead of being a symbol of Don Juan's ruin, Doña Inés is her own person and helps drive the plot.
Doña Inés plays a larger role than any other woman in this play.
Development of
Doña Ana...
In Trickster: the Marquis is in love with Doña Ana.
Don Juan destroys their friendship by intentionally and incorrectly relaying the message to Marquis and attempts to get with Doña Ana.
Don Juan destroys his friendship with the Marquis de Mota.
In Zorrilla: Doña Ana is not as symbolic.
She is another way Don Juan can push the ante up against Don Luis in the play.
Doña Ana
Doña Inés' governess, therefore she's trusted.
Brigida is able to convince Doña Inés of Don Juan's love.
"Accept the book, Doña Inés, or Don Juan will be in distress and will surely die, don't you know."
Brigida informs Doña Inés that Don Gonzalo has chosen Don Juan for her.
Brigida's seduction of Doña Inés "awakened her womanly dreams".
She also casts spells, when referring to Don Juan as satan, she invokes the supernatural.
She is the main driving factor in Don Juan's seduction of Doña Inés.
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