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Fashionable Language

No description

Mckenzie Bradley

on 10 April 2014

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Transcript of Fashionable Language

Hot or Not?

Our Fashionable language plays a major part in forming, backing
and identifying many stereotypes.
Why the 'ins' and the 'outs'?
How is 'fashionable language' being received?
Who stole what?
The Borrowers
The better life
How is 'Fashionable Language'
expressed through media,
effecting the female population?
The grass is always greener on
the other side

“Get the

you have always wanted!”

Are you conforming?
Just because Kim K does it,
should you?

Monday, February 17, 2014
Georgia, Grace and McKenzie
Define 'fashionable'
What is 'Fashionable language'?


Characteristic of, influenced by,
or representing a current popular style.

So, What is

'fashionable language'

Fashionable Language
Then and Now
Throughout our lives, our language will change. We start off merely crying and whining, but as we grow older and mature so do our vocabularies.

So, how do class, age group, and environmental factors, influence
'fashionable language'
groups of society?

The 'it' words from the 1900's-now
So, where has this come from and what has influenced particular words and their

Language borrowing? Are we stealing from others more than we think?

How has history and 'people we loved' shaped our language and its in's and outs?

Welcome to the 'Upper east side' of language
Loanwords; how we stole them and who they came from.

There are 6800 - 6900 languages in the world, in which 234 are spoken in Europe, and 174 spoken in New Zealand.

Back to the ancient times.
English, Norman and French.

The homosexual community is stereotypically renowned for being fashion conscious, a stereotype that is backed by the major presence of gay designers within the fashion industry.

Due to the additional
understanding that the
fashion industry is
particularly a female
interest, this trending
dominance of male fashion designers sexuality has consequentially helped build the stereotype for the ‘fashion conscious man’ as well as their fashionable vocabulary.

This example of a identifies the stereotype of a homosexual man as
- sassy
- fashion conscious
simply through the language and tone he uses.
This endorsed persona for gay individuals has negative repercussions...
Auf Wiedersehen
What have we made of it all?
In which the scene is set
So, as you can tell our language and the words we use have a whole lot more reason than we may have thought. The simplest of things may have influenced why you say your most ‘fashionable’ words. The thing is, it will never stop evolving. We will grow up, change, become interested in different things, meet new people and travel to new places. The more we experience, the more we develop, the more these ‘fashionable’ words are created.
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