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No description

Sam Berg

on 10 September 2014

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Transcript of Pepper

What task does pepper preform?
Pepper is an emotion reading robot that serves as a companion and a household therapist.

Where is pepper used?
Pepper is supposed to be mainly used in homes and according to the developers they hope for everyone to eventually have one in their households.
Pepper the robot
How is pepper taught to preform it's task?
Pepper is taught to preform it's task by reading your emotions, using it's small camera in its forehead to read facial expressions and microphone in its mouth to listen to your tone of voice.

Advantages and disadvantges of pepper
It can watch your baby and elderly people.
If you're in an emergency it can help you.
If your upset it can cheer you up by playing your favorite songs.
It creates many more openings for higher level jobs
Conversations are very one sided and you can’t go in depth in any topic.
It pulls you apart from human interaction and it can't give you the same comfort a human can.
It wont help you with house chores.
It takes away some low level jobs.
What jobs pepper can create:
A technologist- or someone who specializes in techonogly and would work with the engineers and apply the technical part of making pepper
A translator- Someone who will do the translation for pepper since pepper speaks 17 languages.
Voice Actors- Will give pepper the ability to speak in all those languages.
Engineers- They need engineers to create and build pepper.
Pepper in action: (WOW! HOW AMAZING!)
Peppers impact on his intended audience:
Pepper will serve as a companion and your new best friend, the person will love pepper and it can watch the elderly and young children.
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