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Morir soñando

No description

ismael Espejo

on 25 November 2014

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Transcript of Morir soñando

What Is It?
A Morir soñando is a dominican originated beverage, that is mainly used on special occasions, or for fun.
Morir soñando
Where did it come from?
Nobody knows exactly where it came from, but stories speculate it was a accident at first. We do however, know it originated in the Dominican Republic.
-152 Calories
-24mg cholestrol
-144mg Sodium
-552mg Potassium
-24g Carbohydrates
-8g Proteins
-40% Calcium
-16% Vitamin A
-8% Vitamin C
Soooo....Is it good for you?
Well it depends on who's making it. Different variations depends on family and region. The nutrition given is just a normal one cup.
What's In It?
This also depends on the person making it. but it is basically made of orange/lemon juice, sugar, milk/evaporated milk, and ice.
Pssst....wanna know a secret?
It may be common for few, and weir for others, but some use sugar cane sugar, or honey, or no sugar at all. For the milk part, some may split half and half. Others may add vanilla. Again, it depends on the person.
Fun Facts?
Not only is there different ingridients, there's different ways to make it that will also change it.
It's not a real Morir soñando if it doesn't have a history, also it is NOT just putting orange juice with milk.
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