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Impact Measurement No Impact Culture Yes

Why funders want to see evidence of an impact culture

Richard Piper

on 4 October 2013

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Transcript of Impact Measurement No Impact Culture Yes

Impact Culture
What's happened to measurement, monitoring evaluation?
impact is ...
the most important thing.
the difference your organisation makes;
the reason you exist;
the effect of your activity and outputs;
the benefits you bring;
your 'outcomes';
the change that is caused by your work;
W h y i m p a c t ?
the value you create;
"If you don't know what you're trying to achieve then how can you achieve it?

If you don't find out whether you're achieving it then how can you tell you're not wasting your time?

If you don't communicate your plans and your achievements then how will anyone know whether you're worth supporting?"
Isn't that what 'impact' is about?
No. Impact isn't ABOUT measurement. You can measure, monitor & evaluate your finances, or widgets, or carbon too.
1. Live and breathe it
2. Plan for it
3. Deliver it
Many of us in charities have given most of our efforts, if any, here.
... when we should have been looking at this whole circle.
In other words, we've so busy trying to measure impact that some of us have failed to appreciate the breadth of the impact 'topic'.
It's good to monitor your charity's impact - too few do this well - but there's
so much more
to impact than that.
Impact culture is...
Having loads of integrity
Being really clear what you're trying to achieve
thank you
Here's an introduction to
6 things charities can do with impact
Put impact thinking at the heart of things
4. Assess it
5. Improve it
6. Communicate it
every day decisions
Make it run throughout the body of the charity.
clear and specific impacts
that your charity will achieve is a
very important task
most important task
of any charity
"Some of our funders have forgotten that we don't exist to measure impact - we exist to create it"
I'm not saying DON'T measure, monitor and assess. Most things CAN be measured. But not everything SHOULD be measured. Collect only the information you think you'll actually use, either in planning, improvements, or communications.
Avoid "just-in-case data collection". Instead, aim for "purposeful evidence creation"
Your organisation is a magnet, drawing to it people, ideas and resources that make it successful. Turn up your communications. Make them relevant. Make them SING. Then your magnet will strenghten and more success will flow.

Forget to communicate, and people will assume you don't have a good story to tell, the magnet will weaken, and future success will become increasingly difficult.
In summary
Strenghening those six areas and being able that to show that to funders.
for your time
social enterprises
community groups
voluntary organisations
other organisations with primarily, a social purpose.
Impact should get
, including ...
Thinking about evidence rather than data helps keep you away from worrying about 'proof'. Talk of proof is fine for mathematicians, but is it relevant to us? "Beyond reasonable doubt", based on evidence, is the highest level of proof used in most legal systems. If its good enough for them ...
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