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Servant Leadership

Mark 10:31-45

Stephen Johns

on 22 June 2014

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Transcript of Servant Leadership

Mark 10:31-45
The Greatest Servant
Three Passion Prophecies
The First
Mark 8:31
The Second
The Third
Mark 9:31-32
Mark 10:32-34
Declarations of loving self-sacrifice by Jesus that reveal stunning hearts of self-service in the Disciples.
Lessons in Greatness
Suffering Service is a Normal Part of God's Plan
Kingdom Greatness is serving not being served
We serve like and because Christ served
Lessons on Service and Greatness
1. Sacrificial Suffering Service is the norm, you don't vacation from denying yourself in the service of others.
2. Sacrificial Suffering Service is not the job of everyone toward you but your disposition toward others.
3. Sacrificial Suffering Service is shown best in Christ and something we have all received from Him.
Being Served Destroys Entitlement
Serve because you have been served
Serve Christ as you serve others
Servant Leadership
A New Way
A Leader is best when people barely know he exists, when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, people will say 'we did it ourselves.'
- Lao Tzu
Rethinking Servant Leadership
You've lost that loving feeling
Feeling loved or Being loved
Servant Leaders Are Led by The Servant
Evaluating our Servant Hearts
Expert on your own needs while woefully ignorant of the needs of those around you.

A belief that your needs are greater than the needs of others.

A focus on the scriptural responsibilities of the other party instead of your scriptural responsibilities.

A belief that you have a right to be served.

An attitude that if everyone would do as you say then everything would be better.

An attitude that if you were served better by spouse, friends, and family that you would do better in your sanctification.

A belief that your position or role gives you a 'right' to be served.

Selectively serving those that you find attractive or appealing.
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