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Lesbian Music

No description

Jamie Laudert

on 5 June 2013

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Transcript of Lesbian Music

Music's Influence on Lesbian Culture Jaimin MacKenzie-Brown
Jamie Laudert
Miriam Lopez
Brittney Whited
Arpy Yang WOST 1120 - Lesbian Culture December 18, 2012 The band Le Tigre is a Punk-Feminist-Electronic trio that consists of Kathleen Hanna, Johanna Fateman, and JD Samson.

Their hopes as a band is to influence other feminist bands so, one day there will be sections in the music store specifically for feminists.

When asked if they pin feminism down to any one way of being Hanna replied; "Well, it's really interesting, because people are often like, "oh, you guys are feminists' and they just assume that this means this one thing. There's so many different kinds of feminists. There's cultural feminism, marxist feminism, socialist feminists, materialist feminists... there's all kinds! You can prescribe yourself to one position, or you can leave things open, so that the way that I do my feminism isn't the only way that anybody can do it. There's no rulebook, no dress code, no 'way to act', no way to protest, just people coming together." Punk Feminist Electronic Ani DiFranco:
Freak. Babeville Cris Williamson Cris Willaimson is a folk rock
music artist whose been making music since 1964.

She has been a lesbian political activist for decades, but also during a time period when people were not aware of gay and lesbain issues. American feminist singer-songwriter
Recording artist
Lesbian political activist One of Williamson's biggest contributions
to the lesbian culture was her idea for a
all women's music and lesbian focused
recording label, where she recorded a
best selling independent release of all time
"The Changer and the Changed". GOD-DES SHE LICK IT
"The L Word" (2007)
"Queer folks are friends with straight people, too," -She Broke HIP HOP Stereotypes
LESBIAN http://www.examiner.com/article/q-a-with-god-des-and-she http://www.audibletreats.com/wp-content/gallery/god-des-and-she/god-des_and_she-03.jpg Little Plastic Castle
1998 "They were digging a new foundation
in Manhattan
And they discovered a slave cemetery there
May their souls rest easy
now that lynching is frowned upon
And we've moved on
to the electric chair..." - Fuel "They told you your music
could reach millions,
that the choice was up to you
You told me they always
pay for lunch
and they believe in what I do
And I wonder
will you miss your old friends
once you've proven what you're worth?
Yeah I wonder
when you're a big star
will you miss the earth?" "What happens when eons of feminine wisdom are buried under the shifting sands of important men and their machines? What happens when women lose control over the fundamental processes of their lives? What would happen if women were encouraged to believe in themselves, their bodies, and their instincts?"

- Excerpt from "Birth Matters" "And the birthing woman shall regain her place in a circle of women in a sacred space. Turn off the machines, put away the knives; this amendment shall deliver from bondage midwives." Works Cited

DiFranco, Ani. "J." Rec. Oct. 2011. Which Side Are You On. Ani DiFranco. Ani DiFranco, Mike Napolitano, 2011. Youtube.com. Youtube.com, 17 Jan. 2012. Web. 17 Dec. 2012.

DiFranco, Ani. "Righteousbabe." Righteousbabe. Righteous Babe Records, n.d. Web. 17 Dec. 2012.

DiFranco, Ani. Foreword. Birth Matters: A Midwife's Manifesta. By Ina May Gaskin. New York: Seven Stories, 2011. Ix-Xii. Print.

Photos from Google Images In Conclusion... I just write about
what I should have done
I just sing
what I wish I could say
and hope somewhere
some woman hears my music
and it helps her through her day
I'm no heroine
I still answer to the other half of the race
I don't fool myself
like I fool you
I don't have the power
we just don't run this place

*Ani DiFranco* Work sited http://www.criswilliamson.com/ http://www.artistdirect.com/artist/bio/cris-williamson/510381 "What I wanted to do was to have a real-time transformation—and I kind of wanted to confuse people, people that haven’t really been exposed to transgender culture at all. A good way to do that is by covering probably the most well-known rock band of all time. " http://www.curvemag.com/Curve-Magazine/Web-Articles-2012/Hot-Licks-AG/ Adrianne Gonzales Work Cited http://performermag.com/2012/10/01/ag-adrianne-gonzalez-october-2012-cover-story/ Works Cited:
1.'Who Took the Bomp? Le Tigre on Tour' (Netflix)
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