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Athletes who broke barriers

No description

Angela Altazan

on 12 May 2017

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Transcript of Athletes who broke barriers

eddie guerrero
Davey boy smith
Davey Boy Smith : People in the usa
did not beleave he could wrestle because in the wwf because he was brisith but he was the greatest british wwe wreslter ever.
he is a 2 time european heavyweight champion
A one tme intercontinental champ
A 4 time wwf world tag team champ (reign #1 with the dynmite kid) reign#2 with The Hart Foundation) reign #3 with lex luger ) regin #4 with owen hart)
sadly he died in 2002
rey mysterio
rey mysterio was thoguth as small to wrestle because he is only 5'6' he wegihs 175 peopl thougth that he was to small to wrestle proved them wrong
3 wcw tag champ
4 wcw cruiser wegith champ
1 wcw world champ
2 wwe world champ
hulk hogan
when the hulkster was just staring
people thougth a boy from vencie beach counld not make in the wrestleing buneiss because he was muisican at the time
6 time wwe champion
3 time wcw world champ
his greatest accomplishment is being the fisrt on to body slam andre the gaint
I got allthis form wwe.com
Chis benoit
he broke barrier he made in japan but people in aminca because he was candian
but he was the fist candian wwf world heavy
1 time wwe world champion
3 tag champ
1 ecw champ
he died in 2007
athletes who broke barriers
compare and conterst
Athletes who broke barriers p.s. all this in is form wwe .com
eddie guerrero: people thogth that since the yougest of his family
that he could not make in companys like ecw,wcw,msw,wmc
but he did fun fact his is was the fist lantio wwe world champion
he is 1time wwe champ he died in 2oo5
he is a4 intercontal champ
a 5 time tag champ
a 1 euproean champ

I think that his was legend
I think that is one of the best wrestlers
of all time
I think he is best cruiserwegth
eddie and chris
eddie gurrereo
hulk hogan
work in wcw
work in ecw
aaa wcw
had a hard
time with the
fans and there
first latain wwe
a wcw world
my opinains for all atheles

hulk hogan : a legend
bulldog: a icon
Rey: a icon
Beniot: a icon
Eddie : a legend
they both became legends
he broke barriers by show people
that evean kids for venice beah
can wrestle
he broke his barriers by becoming a world champ
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