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Famous Last Words

No description

ashley stanfield

on 12 October 2014

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Transcript of Famous Last Words

Famous Last Words
"I studied my fork for a few seconds, then looked up at
Mom, who was carefully spooning roasted carrots onto Jonathon's plate.
On the wall behind her, in jagged letters about a foot tall, were the words:
'This is the kind of dream you don't wake up from, Henry.'
" (Alender, 82)
Protagonist---from Willa, you learn to face problems, not run away from them.
Round---you learn a lot about Willa throughout the story.
Dynamic---she changes through the story. At the beginning, she didn't want anything to do with anything, but she changed to where she got a friend, and she learned to open up and express herself.
Protagonist---she's a nice mom who likes to talk to Willa if their is a problem.
FLat---you don't really learn that much about her.
Static---she really doesn't change throughout the story.
Antagonist---she was nice to Willa at first, but then turned cold
Round---you learn that she is not a good friend.
Dynamic---she started out as a friend to Willa, but then turned the cheek and wasn't her friend anymore.
Point of View
The point of view from this novel is first person.
Some pronouns that are used are: I, me, my.
You primarily know about Willa's feelings, but you also find out a
bit about how the other characters are feeling.
Willa is taking part in the action of the story.
I got to know what Willa was feeling and figure a LOT about her and her background. But I didn't get to know what some of the other characters were thinking.
Your trust can be torn apart any minute.
Another theme is face your problems, not run away from them.
Thanks for watching!
Now that you know more about this book, go try it out! It's a great read.
Book: Famous Last Words
Author: Katie Alender
Interesting fact about Katie Alender:
One of her favorite quotes is:
“I have never listened to anyone who criticized my taste in space travel, sideshows or gorillas. When this occurs, I pack up my dinosaurs and leave the room.”
Ray Bradbury
Lately, it seems Willa's seeing things. Like a dead body in her swimming pool. Frantic, scribbled messages on her walls. A reflection that is not her own. It's almost as if someone--or
is trying to send her a message.
Meanwhile, a killer is stalking Los Angeles--a killer who reenacts famous murder scenes with his victims: pretty teenage girls. A ghost is trying to connect with Willa to get her to solve the mystery. And whom can she commend with? There's Marnie, her new best friend, who is not totally honest. There's also Wyatt, who is highly intelligent but unhealthily preoccupied with the Hollywood Killer. One day, Wyatt's notebook winds up in Willa's book bag, and it causes Wyatt and Willa to become closer to solve this huge mystery.
Willa almost loses her life when she finds out that Reed is the Hollywood killer and is held in custody, forced to reenact a scene from a movie that was never actually published. Willa finds a way to get lose, and to a knife to slow down Reed. And when Jonathon comes home and sees what is happening, Reed sneaks up from behind and hits Jonathon on the head with a heavy ceramic figurine and knocked him out. After a while, Willa gets out, stabs Reed with the knife, runs to the top of the stairs, watches Reed slip down the stairs from the top and gets knocked unconscious, and she runs outside to flag down a car to tell them to call 911. Jonathon and Willa are taken to the hospital, and after they are better, they get ready to move away.
Literary Feast done by:
Ashley Stanfield
Student# 27

Protagonist---he is nice to Willa and gives her some gifts the day before she started school.
Flat---you don't learn that much about him.
Static---he doesn't change throughout the story.
Protagonist---he helps Willa try to figure out what to do with the ghost.
Round---you learn some stuff about him, like how he does
of research on The Hollywood Killer and that he turned out to be a great friend to Willa.
Dynamic---he changes from a rude, weird dude to a nice, caring gentlemen.
Willa just moved to Hollywood and wants to have a better life, to have her dad back. Jonathon is introduced as Willa's step dad and just wants her to be happy. Willa's mom is also introduced at the beginning. She also wants Willa to be happy.
Reed is a serial killer that is going around Los Angeles, aka the Hollywood Killer, and he reenacts famous movie murder scenes with his victims...beautiful teenage girls. One of his victims is Willa, the new girl in town.
Rising Action
Complication: Willa is having a hard time sleeping because of the ghost.
Foreshadowing: "I was rapidly running out of air. Panicked, I looked up toward the sky -- and saw another person in the water. For the briefest second I thought it was someone else swimming, and I wondered wildly why they wouldn't help me. But then it hit me with ironclad certainty -- this person wasn't swimming. They were floating. And it wasn't a person...It was a corpse." (Alender,21)
Flashback: "
But my dad gave it to me
, I didn't say. My dad, who knew I was desperate for a computer of my own. My dad, who brought his old work laptop home for me when they were upgrading him to a new one.The night he gave it to me there had been joyous squealing and hugs and jumping up and down." (Alender, 17)
Time Frame--Modern day
Mood/Atmosphere--At the beginning, I felt like the mood was kinda like a typical teenage mood, because Willa just wasn't happy about moving to Hollywood. But, at the end, the mood changed to a dark, angry mood because of Willa being captured and what happened to Jonathon.
Tone--The author must know quite a bit about Hollywood to describe Hollywood like she does. Also, I think the author wants us to know that Reed is the bad guy, not Paige.
Characters--Willa (Protagonist), Wyatt (Protagonist), and Reed (Antagonist)
Conflict--A serial killer is going around Los Angeles, the Hollywood Killer, and he reenacts famous movie murder scenes with his victims...beautiful teenage girls.
Point of View(continued)
This exert is from Chapter 36, Page 291 to demonstrate the first person point of view.
Antagonist---he is the Hollywood Killer and holds Willa captive to get a scene where Willa is poisoned, but Willa is way smarter than him and finds a way out.
Round---you learn that he is a lunatic, serial killer.
Dynamic---he changes from a nice, pretty guy to a guy who kills tennage girls.
"Reed loomed above
, holding the knife. 'Want to know what I'm going to cut first?' On the ceiling above him, black words bubbled into existence.
Just three short words:
'Wait, Reed...please.'
held my hands up in surrender. 'I just have one question.' He smirked. 'What?'
took a deep breath. 'Do you believe in ghosts?' His smirk turned into a confused sneer. 'Do I --' There was an explosion of blue light between
. Reed cried out in surprise, giving
a moment to dash out of his reach.
turned and looked at him --
At him, and at Paige. Her ghost stood in the center of the hallway, a girl mad of light. Reed stared up at her in terror. 'What...
what are you
?'Paige looked over at
. In her gaze
saw sympathy, understanding, sorrow...but also anger. Resolve. Strength.
She turned back to Reed, who was basically reduced to blubbering.
"What is this?' he asked. 'What's going on?'
Paige smiled and took a step toward him. She spoke in a voice of hollow whispers.
'This is the kind of dream you don't wake up from, Henry.'

When he tried to move out of her way, his foot landed on one of the wet footprints and slipped. He tumbled backward down the stairs. And then there was stillness."
Should I trust
him or not?
Willa is a strong going girl who tries to ignore her problems, not face them. The conflict that she faces is that she is held captive by Reed, the Hollywood Killer, and almost loses her life. She solves her conflict by out-smarting Reed and saves Hollywood, her life, and Jonathon's life.
Also, Willa used to have a small crush on Reed and when she found out that he was the Hollywood Killer, she was probably thinking, "OMG. I can't believe I liked him. I can't believe he kissed me.
Willa is home and Reed comes over to take Jonathon's car for it's weekly wash. After a while, Reed holds Willa captive and almost murders her. But, Willa saves herself and more teenage girls.
At the end of the story, you learn that over time, people can change. Like Willa. She thought that she could just ignore her problems. But at the end of the story, she learns to face her problems, not run away from them.
This symbol represents
the 1st theme because the chains represent
somebody's trust being
torn apart.
Throughout the story,
Willa learns to face problems, not run away from them
. She also learns that you can't always trust who you meet.
This symbol represents the 2nd theme because the person is running away from his
problem---a shot.
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