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David W. Qua: Visual Resume

Passionate and Experienced Educator

David Qua

on 12 February 2016

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Transcript of David W. Qua: Visual Resume

David W. Qua
As a
educator brimming with
for teaching,
I possess a broad array of skills:
Thorough understanding of various pedagogic approaches

Differentiation to reach, support, and challenge all my students

Strategies and structures to ensure students reach their academic potential

Want to learn more?
(508) 667-5104
Passionate & Experienced Educator
How These Experiences Influence My Teaching

Experience reading neuropsychological profiles:
cognitive and achievement tests (WISC & WIAT),
as well as speech and language reports

Knowledge of admissions and marketing to promote
your school to prospective parents and students

Commitment to self and professional development

Ability to form meaningful connections with students

Collaborate and mentor teachers to improve the
quality of instruction

Knowledge of assistive technology

Implementation of a wide-range of teaching models
and methodologies

Devotion to teaching students necessary skills for
academic success
David W. Qua
Small group projects
Discussion groups
Harkness method
Experiential learning
Lectures at home & in class
Interdisciplinary units
Artistic visualization
Assistive technology
Critical thinking
Active reading
Executive functioning
Public speaking
Note taking
Consequently, my students are more engaged, collaborative, inquisitive, diligent, and demonstrate a greater love of learning!

I am a passionate and experienced educator and have taught to a wide range of learning styles and abilities in a variety of school environments.

"As 6th and 11th grade student,
Mr. Qua taught me how to be a student. He never compromised a lesson in note-taking, test preparation, or organization, for the class material. He always connected our classwork to our real-world experiences, a lesson I know to be priceless as a teacher with my own students now. I owe Mr. Qua much personal success as a student in High School, at Brown University, and now as an educator myself. Future students would be lucky to work with him."

-Shubh, currently teaching
Middle School Math
"When I was in sixth grade, Mr. Qua forever changed my experience as a student. The enthusiasm he brought to school everyday was something I have yet to find in another teacher. He was not only a teacher, but someone who I could always trust and rely on. He taught me how to be confident in the classroom and gave me the tools necessary to be the best student I could possibly be. Because of Mr. Qua I have always had an easy answer when asked who my favorite teacher was growing up."

-Robbie, current Junior in college
"You are one of the most genuine and insightful teachers I have come across. I know first hand the impact you can make on a child's life. Any school or child that has the privilege of having you work with them should consider themselves very lucky. I know that I do."

Parent of a former 5th grade student

Parent Perspectives
Administrative Perspectives
U.S. History
Creative Writing
General History

Associate Director of Admissions
Learning Specialist
Weekly Assembly Coordinator
"Journey to Japan" Designer, Implementer, & Leader
Chair of Diversity Committee

Cross Country

I have worn
many hats!
"David also has the impressive ability
to empathize with his students. He understands the experiences that students have had in school, and he is able to talk to them in ways that acknowledge their difficulties while holding them to the highest standards. David has two skills sets rarely found in the same educator. He has the ability to digest a neuropsychological report in ways that inform his teaching, and he is an expert in his content area."

Kurt Moellering
Head of 8th & 9th grade Program
Carroll School
Student Perspectives
from former students, parents,
and administrators

Masters of Curriculum and Instruction:
Ursuline College
Bachelor of Arts in US History:
DePauw University
High School:
Mercersburg Academy


Passionate about raising my children to grow into strong, independent-minded adults

Passionate about physical fitness and pushing beyond perceived limits
(completed Ironman Mont Tremblant in August 2014, Training for Ironman Maryland in 2016)

Fund Raising:
Passionate about supporting an institution that has been integral to the well-being of my family
(raised $10,000 for Franciscan Children's Hospital)


Passionate about providing support for youth to find their best self
(Assistant Scoutmaster and liaison for 100th Anniversary Celebration)


Full time position teaching history at an independent school in the greater Boston area for the 2016-2017 school year and beyond

Collaborate with other teachers to develop student-centered lessons, which teach content, improve skills, and build confidence

Flourish in a work environment that promotes professional development and collaboration

Utilize technology to improve the quality of instruction, learning, communication, and assessment

When Designing Lessons & Projects,
I Ask Myself Two Questions:

1. If attendance was not required, would my students still come to class?

2. Are my students leaving wiser and more skilled than when they walked into my classroom?

Hillside School: 2015 to 2016
Lesley Ellis School: 2014 to 2015
Carroll School: 2010 to 2013
Bancroft School: 2003 to 2010
Harker School: 1999 to 2003
Woodland Country Day School: 1997 to 1999
Fredricksburg Academy: 1996 to 1997

Passionate & Experienced Educator
"David's care and concern for his students, his consistent and frequent follow-up with parents, his advocacy on behalf of the kids in his class, and his firm belief that each and every child can learn when given the proper tools and instruction, makes being a parent so much easier to navigate. David's has found his true calling in this world. We are so very lucky our son had him as a teacher."

Amy Belger
Parent of Former Student
"David consistently adjusts instructional methods to meet individual student needs, always working to overlap content with skills oriented activities. He is willing to find ways to help students gain stronger comprehension skills by creating academically appropriate and differentiated activities."

Alissa Benway
History Department Chair
Carroll School
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