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Andrew's book report

No description

Beth Gordon

on 6 March 2014

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Transcript of Andrew's book report

Old:elder brute chieftain
serious:dosen't mess around
dosen't trust Arbiter:thinks Arbiter is calling bad guys in; but that's Jul M'dama(below)
Sarah Palmer
Stern:acts tough
heroic:she and her squad helped Thel and Lydas
At first we meet Sarah Palmer,a spatan on the UNSC Infinity. Then we meet Commander Lasky on The Infinity. A short time after a meeting is held with Arbiter,Lydas,and Admiral Hood to discuss the Brutes taking stuff that's not theirs. Then the Covenant Remnant attack. Then they have to fend of the Covenant and get to safety. To be continued........
Working together might have a positive outcome.
I like book because it was very action packed and suspenceful and you don't know what might happen next. I recommened this book to anyone who likes the Halo francise, action-packed comics.
Andrew's book report
Halo Escalation

Bold:seen many battles
Heroic:saved lydas from a jackel
Old:in his fifty's or sixty's
Serious:dosen't mess around
Jul 'Mdama
Sarah Palmer
Thel in 2558
Sources : Halo nation
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