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depleted resources

No description

Brogan Gunn

on 15 June 2011

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Transcript of depleted resources

petroleum studies done in 1999 discovered that our oil will run out between the years 2062 and 2094 surficants- basically sciences way of licking out a bowl of icing it makes it so the oil doesnt stick to th rocks under ground alternatives- ethanol, veggi deisel fresh water in multiple parts of the world one major river supplies water to multiple countries. climat change polution and polulation growth are making water a high comodity and water is starting to be fought over by more than just arguments silver silver naturally kills microbes so it is increasingly used in bandagesat the levels that it is being used at now there is nly about 19 years worth of silver left in the world to stop this we can use disinfectants that can do the job that silver does just cheaper and possibly better
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