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Death Note

Comparison Of Death Note To The Heroes Journey

Akila Kavisinghe

on 22 April 2014

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Transcript of Death Note

Death Note
And The Hero's Journey
What Is
Death Note

Death Note
is a Detective fiction, Supernatural, and Psychological thriller. It was written by Tsugumi Ohba, who was a Japenese author.
Death Note
which was at first a Manga had later been produced into an Anime.
Fun Fact!
The gender and real identity of Tsugami is kept secret!
What Is The Hero's Journey And How Does It Relate It To Death Note?
The Hero's Journey
The hero's journey is a context made by Joseph Campbell that summarizes many stories that revovle around a single hero. Each part of the journey is separated into several major sections:
The Ordinary World
The Call To Adventure
The Refusal And Acceptance Of The Quest
Entering Of The Unknown World
Supernatural Aid
Talismens And Important Symbols
Allies And Helpers
Tests And The Supreme Ordeal
Reward And Journey Home
Master Of Two Worlds/Restoring The World
The Ordinary World
Light Yagami is a genius honour roll student who lives in Japan. Everywhere he goes he notices the amount of crime around him. He is agonized by how filthy the world is. He questions why God would ever make a world with so much destruction and hatred. He begins to believe how dumb humans are. He believes in a world with no criminals. But in another sense he is also very bored and wants some more excitement in his life.
Light Yagami
In the Shnigami Realm a Shnigami is also bored. This one has the name of Ryuk. Shnigami's are gods of death. The Shnigami's carry
Death Notes
which they use to kill people. After killing someone the Shnigami gains the rest of the persons life force. Ryuk feels the same as Light as he observes the human world.
Akila Kavisinghe - 6:00pm Gets An A+
Thanks For Watching!
The Call To Adventure
While in class Light notices that a book fall out of the sky. At first, it seems like his eyes are playing tricks on him but when he checks out after classes he finds out a book did actually fall. The book is called the
Death Note
. From what the book says, you are able to kill anyone whose name is written inside of it. Light takes it as a practical joke but part of him is hoping it's real. He thinks against the possible prank but still takes it home.
Takes The Note Book Home
Notebook Falls And Light Notices It
If the cause of death is written within the next 40 seconds of writing the person’s name, it will occur during the death of the victim.
Rule Of The
Death Note
The Ordinary World (Continued...)
The human whose name is written in the
Death Note
shall die.
Rule Of The Death Note
Refusal Of The Quest
Light is looking over the rules of
Death Note
in his room. He questioned "Why would they (the pranksters) make it so detailed?" There was only one way of seeing if this was real or not. On the news a wanted criminal named Kuro Otoharada had taken children from a school as hostages and was threatning the police that he would kill them. Light decided that if the
Death Note
was to work, now would be the best time. 40 seconds after writing the criminals name, Kuro Othharada dies 40 seconds later of a heart attack. Light is more frightned than suprised but refuses to believe it as real and waves it as a coincidence. But the death still haunts his head.
The note will not take effect unless the writer has the person’s face in their mind when writing his/her name. Therefore, people sharing the same name will not be affected.
Rule Of The

Death Note
After 40 Seconds...
Kuro dies
Of Writing The Criminals Name...
A Criminal Takes Children Hostage
Light Studies The
Death Note
After School
Refusal Of The Quest (Continued...)
If the cause of death is not specified, the person will simply die of a heart attack.
Rule Of The

Death Note
The death of the man before had been haunting Light for the entire night. The next day when he was walking home from school he noticed a gang of bikers abusing a women. He went into the nearest book store and took the
Death Note
out to test it again. He took the name of the gangs leader which he had heard outloud by one of the members earlier. 40 seconds after writing the name, the gang leader was hit by a truck. This proved that the
Death Note
was real. Before the acceptance it's as though Light refuses this opportunity to renew the world in his own image.
Women Is Being Abused By A Biker Gang
Light FInds A Bookstore To Test The
Death Note
He Writes The Name Of The Gangs Leader
The Man Is Hit By A Truck While Chasing The Running Girl
Death Note
Is Real!
Accepting Of The Quest
Light seems to be horrified about this discovery. In the Shnigami realm, Ryuk decides to see what is happening with his
Death Note
. A few days later Light is up in his room. He has obviously accepted this oppourtunity because he had written over 50 names in the
Death Note
in a matter of a few days.
Supernatural Aid:
Ryuk meets Light 5 days after he uses the
Death Note
. Light had been given quite a scare when Ryuk had suddenly entered his room. But part of him knew that he was expecting something like Ryuk Because Light possesed the
Death Note
of Ryuk, Ryuk now has to follow Light until the day he dies or gives up the
Death Note
. But he vowed when that day comes that it would be Ryuk who would be writing his name. Ryuk is not there to help Light but he does help whenever he's bribed with a Earth Apple because Ryuk is practically addicted to them the first he tries them.
After writing the cause of death, details of the death should be written in the next 6 minutes and 40 seconds
Rule Of The

Death Note
Fun Fact!
A person see a Shnigami only if they've come in contact with any part of the
Death Note
Light encounters Ryuk
Ryuk explains the Death Note
Entering The Unknown
Light begins to use the Death Note dail so many cases have been found around the world. By the time it is done it's obvious that none of the deaths are a coincidence and that something is causing them. The police force let out a message and worshipers on the internet start to call this mysterious saviour "Kira" meaning "Killer." The police must find a way to bring Kira to justice but it is impossible to tell who is doing out of a world with billions of people. Light must devise different strategies of throwing the police off the trail, hiding the notebook, monitoring the police investiagation, and bringing the criminals to justice. Light encounters a new foe name L. L is one of the world's top detectives and was enlisted by the police to help to solve the problem.
Talismans And Importants Symbols
Death Note
- Light uses this to kill criminals and those who oppose him as the god of his fictional Utopia. It is what the entire story revolves around - A book that could kill a person by writing their name in - and is why it remains an important symbol in
Death Note
. The
Death Note
contains a specific set of rules written in English by the Shnigami Ryuk. The rules say how to use the
Death Note
The Apple - The apple has been in many parts of the show. It appears in the Theme song, artist concepts, computer wall papers, and in various parts of the show. The apple is Ryuk's favourite food and does anything if he is rewarded one. The apples in the Shinigami realm taste like sand and are rotten. The apple signifies wisdom, intelligence, death, and a new perception when eaten. The new perception is definitely related to the
Death Note
because Light sees the world in his own image. A world with no evil. The apple is also considered as the "Forbidden Fruit" in many cultures, religions, and ancient civilizations.
Allies And Helpers
Ryuk is a Shnigami. Light possesses Ryuks
Death Note
which allows Light to see him. Ryuk loves apples and must follow Light until he gives up the
Death Note
or until Light dies. When Light dies Ryuk had said that it would be him that would be writing Light's name in the
Death Note
. Light had gotten Ryuk's
Death Note
because Ryuk had felt bored and wanted some action to happen. So he dropped his
Death Note
into the human world where Light would pick it up. Ryuk has light blusih grey skin and large skinny limbs. He has yellolow eyes with red irses. He also has retractable wings that he uses to fly.
Misa Amane
Misa had been introduced to
Death Note
a little later after the series had began. Misa also carried a
Death Note
but had something that Light didn't. She had what was called the Shnigami eyes. The eyes of a Shnigami allows it to see the name had life span of a individual person. A human can make a trade with a Shnigami for its eyes by giving up half their life span. Misa is followed by a Shnigami named Rem. Misa doesn't know it but Rem cares for her a lot. Misa had supported Kira and had fallen madly in love with him. Light had actually killed the man who was responsible for the death of Misa's family. When she met Light she said that she would dedicate her life to assisting him with shaping his Utopia. She is a popular actress and mode. Her popularity has made her a great cover for Light so that no one can suspect him while having her do his tasks.
Note: The arrows don't actually mean anything... they just look cool.
Rem is also a Shnigami like Ryuk. She has been following Misa since she got her
Death Note
. The
Death Note
Misa has isn't actually Rem's. It is another Shnigami who had saved Misa from her death, which was destined to happen. When a Shnigami saves a human from death they aren't considred as Shnigami's anymore because they are supposed to take away life. This is how they die and the
Death Note
goes to the saved human. Rem is dedicated to keeping Misa safe from anything as a tribute to the Shnigami that had saved her. She has a motherly affection towards Misa but never shows it. She has once threathned Light that she would kill him if Misa was to die. Rem doesn't really trust Light overall, but wants Misa to feel happy even with the wrong person.
Teru Mikami
Mikami is a huge supporter of Kira. He was given the
Death Note
after Light considred that it wasn't safe for Misa to hold the
Death Note
for a while. Mikami had done a lot of killing when the police had held Light in custody. With Light under supervision and the killing continuing it had thrown the police off Light's trail almost completely. Mikami had a tough childhood where he would be bullied a lot. He was able to stand for himself and was able to unite to defeat some bullies in elementary school. Mikami is known as a Criminal Prosecutor. Mikami had also traded Ryuk for Shnigami eyes.
Kiyomi Takada
Kiyomi had first been Lights girlfriend in the beginning of
Death Note
. After Light had joined the police force she had already been a News Reporter. She had also secretly supported Kira and had been as devoted as Misa to assist Light with making his Utopia.
Allies During Parts Of The Show
L had turned out to be a viable ally when Light was hatching a secret plan where he gave up the
Death Note
(forgets everything) and somehow through careful planning he able to once again touch the
Death Note
and regain his memories.
The Police Force had turned out to valuable ally during this time because Light was able to work with them to catch Kyosuke Higuchi who had to act as the real Kira to again keep Light out of the main suspect area
The human who uses the notebook can neither go to Heaven nor Hell, when the die.
Rule Of The

Death Note
A god of death cannot be killed even if stabbed in his heart with a knife or shot in the head with a gun. However, there are ways to kill a god of death, which are not generally known to the god of death.
Rule Of The

Death Note
The individuals who lose the ownership of the Death Note will also lose their memory of the usage of the Death Note. This does not mean that he will lose all the memory from the day he owned it to the day he loses possession, but means he will only lose the memory involving the Death Note.
Rule Of The

Death Note
"This world is rotten, and those who are making it rot deserve to die. Someone has to do it, so why not me? Even if it means sacrificing my own mind and soul, it's worth it. Because the world... can't go on like this. I wonder... what if someone else had picked up this notebook? Is there anyone out there other than me who'd be willing to eliminate the vermin from the world? If I don't do it, then who will? That's just it: there's no one. But I can do it. In fact, I'm the only one who can. I'll do it. Using the death note, I'll change the world."
- Light Yagami
Tests, Major Events, And Supreme Ordeal
Episode 1 To 7
Every episode contains a test that follows Light through his journey using the Notebook. In this section, I will state each episode and give a short summary of the episode.
Episode 1 Rebirth: Light discovers the notebook and learns the basics about the notebook. He is also introduced to the Shingami named Ryuk.
Episode 2 Confrontation: As criminals begin to die off to the
Death Note
Interpol comes together to discuss the problem. From the numerous death occurring in similar ways it's quite obvious that something is causing it. Interpol turns to the world's greatest detective L. L's name is hidden from the public to avoid any dangers. L is able to trick Light into giving away his location by using a fake news broadcast that was only broadcasting in Japan.
Episode 3: Dealings: L notices changes in the pattern of Kira which was given to person who was killing off these people. He then deducts that Kira has access to police information. This is true because one of the main detectives on the Kira case happens to be Light's dad.
Episode 4: Pursuit: Light experiments different methods with the
Death note
to learn about it . He also explains to Ryuk what the purpose of the
Death Note
is to him.. Light notices someone falling him a lot and devises a plan to get the mans identity by using the current knowledge of the
Death Note
,. The man following him is known as Raye Penbar and he one of 12 FBI agents who were told to follow certain suspects who are rea.lated to someone in the police force.
Episode 5: Tactics: To avoid suspicion Light kills Raye Penbar 1 week later but he also get him to wrigte down the name of the other FBI agents so that they police are sent off the trail.
Episode 6: Unraveling: Light figures out that the fiance of Raye Penbar swear revenge on Kira and wants to bring him to justice. She knows something that the police doesn't know. Light tries to find a way to get her name so he can kill her. Light is able to get her name and writes down her name.
Episode 7: Overcast: Light writes down the name of Raye's fiance but founds out it's an alias. He devises a brilliant plan that is able to get her name. He kills her but makes it look like she had committed suicide because of the death of her fiance.
Time Line
Episode 8 To 15
Message In Death Note
"Killing Is Wrong No Matter How It Is Exemplified"

Light should have known killing was bad but he questioned whether if it was problem if the person you're killing turned out to be a criminal. Even if what he thought was right, wasn't how the police saw it. As explained Death Note, the balance between the good and bad can't be disrupted permanently. That was where Light had gone wrong. It was a major flaw that his ambitions rested on. He thought that he could completely remove the side of bad.

Sherlock Holmes had said: "How often have I said to you that when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth?" According to this quote (in some way), Good and bad are both complementary processes meaning that one can't survive or exist without the other.

Once the audience takes this into consideration they notice how much Light was blinded from the truth. The truth is that you can't remove the evil that already exists on the Earth. The Earth is so large that it would be impossible to have some form of bad in the world. Looking back at the moral of Killing is bad no matter how it is looked at. Everyone was given their life for reason. It is not the duty of another to take it away. They can do whatever they want and deal with the consequences.

This was why the police saw this as wrong, because they knew that killing a person would be the worst thing to do, and that it was just wrong and that this "Kira" cannot spread any judgement over what he thinks is right.
Rewards And Journey Home/Restoring The World
Near however makes a breakthrough and is able to make a fake meeting with Light in a warehouse. Light had been cornered in the warehouse. He was against large amounts of evidence that had proved that he was Kira. The only thing he could do was admit it and try to take everyone there out at once. It had obviously seemed impossible so he had already lost. Light however is not one to lose. He attempts to kill Near using the note in his watch but he is stopped by Matsuda. Mikami kills himself because he loses his faith. During the death of Mikami, Light is able to escape from the scene. He sees his life flash before his eyes . As Ryuk had said earlier that he would be the one writing Lights name down. Light had already lost, Ryuk had talked about how great everything had been and how they had eased each others boredom. Light dies 40 seconds after Ryuk writes his name down under an apparition of L. This is what had made Death Note different from Hero's journey. No form of reward or journey was provided for the main character. The biggest most possible reward would have been how Light had finally learned what he did wrong and the reality of his task. After Light dies the world is back to normal where no criminal is judged. Instead they follow their own consequences.
Episode 8-10: Glare, Encounter, And Doubt: L wants to set up video surveillance in each of the police force homes. L feels he is getting closer and is able to narrow the suspect down to Light. He can't explain it but he had a feeling it was him. Light tries different ways to make him think otherwise. Light is able to meet L for the first time during a tennis match. Both of them are able to assess each others strengths and weaknesses.
Episdoe 11-15: Assault, Love, Confessions, Friend, And Wager: Light finds a new person that seems as thoguh they also have notebook. This is plus to his plan because now he can move suspicion away from this person. The second Kira confesses her love to Light and wants to meet him. She devices a plan where she broadcasts tapes in the news with hidden messages. Light meets the girl her name is Misa Amane and she too has a Shnigami that follows her named Rem. Light also finds out that she made the trade with her Shnigami for her eyes so that she could see the persons name. Light wants to use her to get L's name.
Episode 16-24: Light hatches a plan that will start with him giving up the Death Note after he confesses to L that he could have been Kira but not know of it (forces Light into custody). Light had told Ryuk to give it to a business owned name Higuchi. Higuchi would continue the killings and make it look like Light is not Kira. After Light is let go, both he, L, and the rest of the police force set off to find Higuchi. Once the capture Higuchi after a car/helicopter chase Light is able to make contact with the
Death Note
again and regains his memories. He kills Higuchi after.
The Supreme Ordeal (Episode 16 To 37)
Episode 25: After capturing Higuchi, Light continues his killings. L is annoyed how Kira keeps switching and begins to suspect Light again. Back at police head quarters, Light is able to persuade Rem to kill L. It had been pretty obvious that if L didn't die then they would find out Light is Kira and Misa would die. Rem had been able to kill both L (His name is Lawliet) and Watari (L's Butler/Messenger). In the process of killing them Rem dies too because the death of L had been to save Misa.
Episode 26-35: 3 years later, L's successor named Near takes over the position of L in the Kira case. He vows that he will bring Kira to justice. Light had now become a detective. Light once again enlists the help of Mikami and Kiomi Takada (a former friend. at university).
Episode 26-35: Mello (a former friend of L and Near) decides to kidnap Lights sister Sayu in exchange for the
Death Note
. Light's father has to go in and save her. Sayu is saved but is forever imprisoned in a wheelchair after the events. Light must find Mello and tracks him down to a warehouse. Light's father makes the deal with Ryuk for the Shnigami eyes and takes the
Death Note
to kill Mello. Light's father is shot when he tries to kill Mello and dies later in a hospital. Light had planned for Takada to die soon after. He needed to find Mello and fast. After Mello kidnaps Takada she is able to kill him using the
Death Note
. Light makes her commit suicide after. Near gets closer and closer to the truth and is almost able to stop Kira. Light takes the moments where most of his enemies are gone as a triumph and a sign that he is definitely going to be the god of a new world.
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