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The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole, Aged 13 3/4

Year 8 Novel Study

Gunilla Tinius

on 23 July 2013

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Transcript of The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole, Aged 13 3/4

The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole, Aged 13 3/4
Your Assignment:
You must present an evaluation of 'The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole' to the class. The purpose of the evaluation is to assist the teachers in the English Dept to select novels for study. Your evaluation should include details about:
The plot
How the novel explores issues (such as bullying, first love etc)
How entertaining the novel is
Your presentation must be 2 - 3 minutes long
Keep this in mind as you study this novel
Look at the evidence and complete the following activities:
What can we INFER about the main character?
"My spots are so horrific that I can't bear to write about them; I will be the laughing stock at the school. I am reading 'The Man in the Iron Mask'. I know exactly how he feels"
1. Who is the main character?
2. List all the things you can deduce about the main character. Don't forget to give evidence for your deductions
deduce (v): to use the information you have to form an opinion about something
1. Which is your favourite of Adrian's New Year's Resolutions? Explain your answer.
2. Why does Adrian think he is an 'intellectual'? Do you think that Adrian is an intellectual?
3. Who is Pandora? Describe her in detail, using evidence from the text.
4. Who is Nigel? Describe him in detail, using evidence from the text.
5. Fill in the blanks, using the vocabulary provided:
stomped stoush sob despise eavesdropping executed
Mrs Lucas and my mother have had a ______ over the dog. Somehow, it escaped from the house, and ______ over Mr Lucas's concrete. My father offered to have the dog ______, but my mother started to cry. All the neighbours were out in the street washing their cars and ______. Sometimes I really ______ that dog.
Read Adrian's diary for the month of January, and answer the questions:
February - March
Read Adrian's diary entries from February to March, and complete the following activities:
1. What happens on Valentine's Day?
2. Who is Barry Kent? Describe him in detail, using evidence from the text.
3. Why does Adrian start to feel suspicious about his mother's feelings towards Mr Lucas?
4. Turn the following sentences into direct speech:
a) He kept blowing bubblegum in my ears. I told Miss Elf.
b) She was wearing Nigel's scarf around her wrist. Miss Elf saw it and told her to take it off.
5. Read the entry for Mar 11 closely. Write a short dialogue between Adrian and the Headmaster

Enjoy January's video clip!
April - May
Read Adrian's diary entries for April - May
Exploring bullying through humour:
Read Adrian's entry for the 21st May closely
Obviously, Grandma's meeting with Barry Kent was not seen by Adrian Mole.
Does Adrian's story seem real? Do you think the situation was handled well by his grandma?
Bring the scene to life!
Imagine that Barry Kent also keeps a diary. Write a diary entry for Barry's meeting with Grandma. Who else was there (Barry's dad? His friends?)? How did Grandma get the £27.18 off Barry?
Finished early? Turn your diary entry into a script to perform in front of the class.
April - May
Read Adrian's diary entries for June
Complete the activities in Enjoying English Book 2 p. 76 - 79 'The Great Sock Rebellion'
Complete the Comprehension Activity worksheet
Keep on reading - Collect as much evidence as you can about Adrian, Pandora and Nigel
Keep on Reading!
You will need to rule a
Triple Entry Journal
in your books like this:
Title: How Pandora/Adrian/Nigel is represented in the text
From the text: quotes, details or events from the text
In my head: What I already know through my background knowledge
What I conclude: Conclusions I can draw, using evidence from the text, and my own knowledge
Stop, drop and write!
Stop what you're doing, and draw up a double-entry table.
In pairs, write down as many teen issues as you can remember.
Set out your table like this:
Teen Issues in 'The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole'
Broken families
Adrian's parents separate when Adrian's mum moves out to be with Mr Lucas (the next-door neighbour)
There will be a prize for the pair with the most issues (with relevant evidence)! Don't call out your answers...
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