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No description

Anthony Helms

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of Storytelling

Homer tells the story. Odysseus tells the story to the Phaeacians. Odysseus tells lies to the cyclops. Tiresias told him about his future. He told them about his adventures so they would give him a ship. He made his fake name of "Nohbody", he told him that
their ship was wrecked, and he told him they were from Troy.
Muse, the goddess of poetry, helps Homer tell the story. Homer is the blind man telling the story of Odyseus's adventures. Tiresias told him to deny self, restrain crew, and avoid Helios's cattle, or there would be consequences. "Why tell the same tale I told you last night in the hall to you and your lady? Those adventures made a long evening and I do not hold with tiresome repetition of a story." "Sing in me, Muse and
through me tell the story of
that man skilled and always
of contending." Storytelling The End! Created by: Anthony Helms and Heather Howard.
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