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Social Media in Your Job Search

What are some trends in recruiting? What are some tips for navigating social media?

Michael Dutcher

on 10 January 2018

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Transcript of Social Media in Your Job Search

Using Social Media in your job search
1. Develop a professional presence.
2. Fill your profiles with keywords.
3. Use LinkedIn to Find your path.
4. Get personal.
5. Be a joiner.
6. Tweet and follow.
7. Blog relevant content.
8. Share.
9. Keep people up to date.
10. Use social media
Questions to Ask?
Your Brand: Personal Brand Basics & Alignment:
Social Media in Your Job Search

Exploring personal brand alignment in the workplace.

Personal Brand:
Definition and the Parts
In Real LIfe
Online Personal Brand

- When your URL interactions reinforce your IRL personal brand, you gain the brand strength that comes from consistency.
It is not IRL vs URL. It is IRL AND URL
What social media tools should you be using?
Question 1
Make a list of all the tools you currently use
Rank them by how much you use each one
Deciding which tools to use is one of the few things you can absolutely control in the world of social media
How do I make my brand distinctive, relevant, and consistent while using social media tools?

- Distinctive - Does our online personality match our real-world personality?
- Relevant - Is our content targeted to our audience?
- Consistent - Are the tone and content consistently presented across personal social media networks and professional platforms?
Question 2
How will I measure the strength of my brand in the social media network?

- Don't be shy about asking your close friends how they perceive your presence on a social media platform.
Be selective
Who should be a part of my social media network?

- Be very judicious when deciding to add a "friend" or "Colleague" to your network
- Cut the cord when necessary
Question 4
Question 3
The internet never forgets

How will I defend this comment?

- Make a difference by taking an extra 10 seconds to proofread before submitting your content online.
Question 5
Career Management
By Dr. Nancy Richmond
From UNC Charlotte:
Michael Dutcher | Assistant Director
The Career Services Center
Kennesaw State University
Office: ( 470) 578-6555 Cell: (478) 955-0172
How many are in your network?
The Power of a network increases exponentially as the number of people goes up.
Using Social Media Tools with Intent
Ice Bucket Challenge
The primary brand-building strategy is to use the power of social media to make a difference.
Using Social Media to Make a Difference

Personal Brand Basics
your own
David McNally & Kyle Speak
The Process and Moving parts
1 Perception
2 Expectations:
- Distinctive, Relevant, Consistent
3 Dimensions:
- Roles, Standards, Style
4 Authenticity
5 Ethos
6 Promise
Personal Brand = "A personal brand is a perception or emotion, maintained by somebody other than you, that describes your outstanding qualities and influences that person's relationship with you." - McNally, Speak
I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. - Maya Angelou
Which brands do you trust?
Dimensions & Ethos
Creating Your Brand Platform: D & E

Personal Brand Expectations:
Identifying: Others' Perceptions, Distinctiveness, Relevancy, and Consistent

Personal Brand Dimensions:
Identifying: Roles - Standards - Style in each relationship you have

Personal Brand Ethos:
The single dominant characteristic of your personal brand dimensions

Personal Brand Promise:
A concise, meaningful, and inspiring statement
BWS: single instance vs habit
Broken Window Syndrome & Using your BD's
- A lack of design for distinctiveness or relevancy
- Inconsistency in how interactions and follow up are managed
- No promise of value at the heart of the relationship process
- Work to narrow the gap in perception

PB Alignment at work
When the values you stand for and the values your organization stands for align, magic happens. - Think experiential -Growth through interaction.
Opportunities to Grow your brand or to Lose it
Thriving instead of Surviving
Who are the people that thrive at work?

- They have a global perspective; they appreciate that major forces are transforming the world of work
- They anticipate change rather than merely trying to keep up. This means continually adapting, learning , and growing
- They seek to maximize their contribution; they are inspired by a strong sense of purpose
- They take responsibility for their careers; they believe in self-empowerment
- They work in harmony with others; they respect and honor differences.

Authenticity through transactions leads to building a stronger brand.
The process of finding common ground for a mutually beneficial relationship.
Beyond linking
Brand loyalty begins with the linkage b/n the values of the employees and the employer.
Aligning to Become a Stronger Brand
Chapter 8, BYOB, By
D. McNally, K. Speak
Two - Way Street
1 - One must understand what's important to the other person

2 - The other person must perceive the same level of alignment (the relationship is beneficial to them as well.)
More Alignment among the three
1. Employee
2. Employer
3. Customer
Compare: You & Your Target Employer
Your Brand & Their Brand:
D, R, C - Values - Standards, Roles, Style - Ethos - Promises
Where are the links?

Holding yourself accountable for seeking and nurturing alignment is a very important step in becoming a stronger brand.
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