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Erasure of Black Women

Best. Metal Band. Ever.

Kyle Keller

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Erasure of Black Women

The Erasure of Black Women By Elizabeth V. Spelman Professor of philosophy at Smith College Author of "Inessential Woman: Problems of Exclusion in Feminist Thought" Author of "Fruits of Sorrow: Framing our Attention to Suffering White Solipsism "Not the consciously held belief that one race is inherently superior to all others, but a tunnel-vision which simply does not see nonwhite experience or existence as precious or significant, unless in spasmodic, impotent guilt-reflexes, which have little or no long-term, continuing momentum or political usefulness." What does this mean, and does it still apply today? "Men and women are taught to see men as independent, capable, and powerful; men and women are taught to see women as dependant, limited in abilities, and passive..." Were people taught to see black men as "independant, capable, and powerful?" Relating to Beauvoir Spelman sees black women as the other to women as a whole. Essentially "The Other" of "the Other." Do you think this is true? Which came first: sexism or racism? Which is more fundamental:
sexism or racism? Failure of White Women They do not recognize black women's suffering as different from their own Does the author's race and educational background decrease the validity of her article? Created by:
Kyle Keller John Gamber Andrew Greger Chase Kealey THE END
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