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Rocky mountain national park and vail ski resort

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on 2 March 2016

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Transcript of Rocky mountain national park and vail ski resort

Rocky mountain national park and vail ski resort
by Sadie R. Sulzer
Thank you!
Vail ski resost : Location / people envolved
The resoret is in vail which is in the Rockie moutians . It was founded by Pete Seibert and Earl Eaton. It is one of the most pouplar ski resorts in the world.
What is the geography suronding Vail ski resort ?
Moutians surond the ski resort.there are also many water falls and trees.
What dose vail have to do with the econmy ?
Since Vail atrracts lots of skires it makes lots of money for the ecomie. Also sking is very poupular in colorado and it is easy to get there.
Rockie Mountian National park who is envolved?
the goverment is envolved.this is because itis a national park
How is the Goverment envolved with Rockie Moutian National park?
The goverment created Rockie moutian National park because the goverment creats national parks
how are Rockie Moutian Natinal park like Vail ski resort.
They are both in the rocky moutians
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