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Lincolns grave Robbers

No description

Laura Cody

on 7 March 2016

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Transcript of Lincolns grave Robbers

Lincolns Grave Robbers
"This is one of my daughters favorite books "
By dad of divas

"in this book truth is stranger than fiction"
By woodland park reviews

"This book is exciting historical"
By Iona Martin

This story begins in October 1875,
as secret service agents raid the Fulton Illinois, work shop of counterfeiter Ben Boyd. Soon after Boyd is hauled off to prison, members of his counterfeiting ring gather in the back room of a smokey Chicago saloon to discuss how to spring their ringleader.Their plan was to snatch Lincolns body,(they had troubles of places to hide it) they had planed hide it in the sand dunes near lake Mich. and hold it for ransom for the release of Boyd. Will they Snatch his body or will they fail trying find out if you read:0

I recommend this book to people that really love history and wants to know more, so any age.
By Steve Shieinkin
Main characters
-Benjamin Boyd (engraver of cony)
-Patrick Tyrell (master at the robbery plan)
Terrence Mullen (one of Lincolns body Snatchers)
Jack Hughes (one of Lincolns body snatcher)
Thompson Sharp (leader of the counterfeit
body snatcher)
Lewis C Swegles some one in jail who was free to investigate the crime


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