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Focus Groups to Inform Nuestro Barrio: An Edutainment Soap O

No description

Annisa Patimurani

on 22 September 2014

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Transcript of Focus Groups to Inform Nuestro Barrio: An Edutainment Soap O

Focus Groups to Inform Nuestro Barrio: An Edutainment Soap Opera (2006)

Thirteen-episode telenovela (soap opera) miniseries on financial literacy education, aired on American network, e.g., WB, UPN
Joint collaboration of Community Reinvestment Authority of North Carolina (CRA-NC, now Reinvestment Partners), Freddie Mac, and Bank of America
Targeted at low- and moderate-income, unbanked and underbanked first-generation Hispanic/Latino immigrant population in North Carolina and North America at large
Aimed at increasing financial literacy level and reaching out to rapidly growing Hispanic segment of homebuyers
Focus Group Research - Sentient Research 2006
Technique: Exploratory
Data collection approach: Focus Group
Respondents/Participants: Two female groups, one male group
Incentive: $50 compensation
Findings on barriers and motivations to bank and/or get a residential mortgage
Nuestro Barrio Trailer
Informational Objectives and Findings
Barriers to opening bank accounts: Confusion over identification requirements, concern over hidden bank fees, trust issues over personal information
Barriers to getting home mortgage: Misinformation on downpayment and interest rate
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