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LPH 105 W15 10.7

No description

Richard Datwyler

on 16 June 2016

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Transcript of LPH 105 W15 10.7

Force of buoyancy
Derived from difference in pressure
Often use density equation
2 principles of use
If object is floating, masses are equal
If object is submerged, volumes are equal
Determine the density of a piece of metal if has a mass of 63.5 g in air, and an apparent mass of 55.4 g when submerged in water.
7840 kg/m^3 iron
A moon rock, whose mass is 9.28 has an apparent mass of 6.18, when submerged in alcohol (SG.79) What is the density of the rock?
2360 kg/m^3
What percent of a piece of wood (SG .75) will float above the surface of sea water? (SG 1.025)
A piece of Ice (SG = .917) having a mass of 75 g is being used as a life raft for some insects, how much mass can this piece of Ice support before completely submerged?
6.13 g
Because gasoline (SG =.77) is less dense than water, drums containing gasoline will float in water. Suppose a 210 L steal drum is completely full of gasoline. What total volume of steel (SG=7.8) can be used in making the drum if the gasoline_filled drum is to float in fresh water?
6.87 L
An undersea spherical chamber has a diameter of 5.2 m. The mass of the chamber, when occupied, is 74,400 kg. It is anchored to the sea bottom by a cable. ( SG sea water = 1.025)
A 0.48 kg piece of wood floats in water but is found to sink in alcohol (SG = 0.79) in which it has apparent mass of 0.047 kg. What is the SG of the wood?
What is the tension in the cable?
What is the buoyant force on the chamber?
If a 25 g gold ring (sg 19.3) is submerged in a container of impure alcohol (sg = .79) is found to have an apparent 23.925 g, what is the percent purity, if assumed to be mixed with pure water?
"I feel like with these problems I"m always missing a piece of information..."
"I don't understand why the density of an object doesn't play an effect when we are calculating the buoyancy force? "
"I don't understand the king's gold crown problem. How does that problem work?"
739500 N
10415 N
"What is the force of buoyancy in a fresh water lake acting on a rock that has a volume of 3.0 X 10^4 cm^3?"
"Can we go over in class how air has a buoyancy force?"
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