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GIS Prezi

A GIS Prezi

Cameron Gresh

on 17 May 2011

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Transcript of GIS Prezi

GIS So... what is it? GIS stands for... Geographic Information System Basically, imagine a MAP... But with an ALMANAC built in... With a GIS map, you can not only navigate, but you can also acquire information about your surroundings, all at the same time! So, how much can I make? First year: 25 k a year to 36 k a year! 5 years in the business, and you're making 70 k to 100 k a year! Geospatial Technology is one of the top 3 emerging job markets in the USA! Want to know a major part of GIS? I'll give you a hint, its in your car and your phone! GPS! GPS, or Global Positioning System, is a major part of GIS and how it works. GPS can help you with: Navigation, Location, and Information! So... how does a GPS work? Well, for starters,
GPS is a system,
just like GIS,
and in this system,
there are 3 components... 1. GPS recievers 2. A satellite constellation 3. Ground control stations At any given time, ther are around 32 U.S. satellites orbiting 11,000 nautical miles above the Earth! Remote Sensing There are 2 kinds... Passive... and Active Remote Sensing Passive Remote sensing uses devices like cameras to collect naturally reflected energy off of the Earth's surface. Active Remote Sensing collects energy when it bounces back to the device, like Radar. Surveying Its the oldest of the Geospatial Technologies! Its a very precise job, they measure distances, angles and the like. George Washington was a surveyor by trade! So were Lewis and Clark! The End! So ther you have it! An exciting and rewarding career is awiting for you with Geospatial Technologies!
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