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Welcome to the Country of Rävenmark

No description

Robert Wormuth

on 18 July 2016

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Transcript of Welcome to the Country of Rävenmark

Welcome to
the Country of
Rävenmark !

Pledge of Allegiance:
"I pledge myself to lord and land,
In whose service I live.
As it has been for ages,
And as is my place."

Meet Our Glorious King !
King Markus Wolff
Though he was once
the Royal Spymaster,
he took the position of King, with support of the Royal Army as the previous King's son was deemed unfit and unqualified to lead.
Goods and Services
Our country specializes in:

Armor Smithing
Weapon Smithing
Enchanting Services
Growing Crops Like Wheat, Barley, Potatoes, Carrots, Corn, etc.
Making use of the Plentiful Metals Naturally found in the Earth
Innumerable Amounts of Spices
& Lumber
Imports and Exports
Due to our country's plentiful, and diverse, natural resources, all neighboring and far away countries are eager to trade for our fantastic goods. Most neighboring lands rely on our cooperation in trade to survive. Ex: Tel'Cara

For this same reason, the country hardly relies on, or receives many imports. We are very much independent.
Side Note:
Rävenmark is mostly known for its exports of metals !
Some of these metals are:
Steel, Gold, Silver, Platinum, & Copper
The Populace
Rävenmark's Population: 480 million
(Mostly human but plenty of other races like dwarves, elves, gnomes, etc.)
Our country is an absolute haven for those of power and wealth !

Though, for unknown reasons, we have a staggering amount of poverty.
The Nobles & Wealthy
Examples of their attire:
Aren't they so à la mode ?!?!
The Poor & Peasantry
Yuck. . .
The Middle Class
Though almost nonexistent, the middle class typically consists of adventurers or mercenaries, whom are subservient to the Nobles
One such
would be:
Oppressing the poor and unfortunate ??
Actually, joining the Royal Army, while not required, is typically considered very honorable, unless the person is going off to study the arcane or other things in that line of work.
The Märquee people celebrate both the Winter and Summer Solstices. They view these days as times of renewal and hold festivals and the like.
Amongst their holidays is Urnid's Day. This is a day that is taken to honor a war hero, and his sacrifice for this great country of ours.
Coupling with their societal views of fighting in combat, Remembrance Day is taken to remember those killed in combat.
A common Märquee meal would be roasted pike with a side of mushy peas
And For Dessert. . .
Strudel !
Dire Wolf
The Dire Wolf is seen as a symbol of the might of this great nation. Meanwhile, the Raven represents the cunning of the Märquee people.
By modern American standards, the Märquee education system would seem archaic in nature. But that's the way it is.
Depending on wealth, one could most definitely receive what would be considered a standard education. Depending on your abilities however, you may apprentice under knights, clerics, wizards, traders, blacksmiths, hunters, carpenters and many others to get your education.
Historical Event: Urdin's Day
The day that the great King Urdin II defeated an army of 30,000 "Maleun Savages", only with a small force of 5,000 men and at the cost of his very life.
Because of his amazing efforts, the Maleun Desert remains a territory of Rävenmark.
Natural Events:
Rävenmark Bill of Rights
1. You have the right to farm the land granted to you by your lord.
2. You have the right to remain silent amongst your betters.
3. You have the right to pay the meager taxes imposed by the King.
4. You have the right to enlist in the King's Royal Army, should the need arise.
5. You have the right to divulge any information about possible traitors to the proper authorities.
6. You have the right to practice any of the approved religions.
7. You have the right to own slaves.
8. You have the right to sell your children into slavery, as they are your property.
9. You have the right to do exactly as His Majesty, The King, demands.
10. And you have the right to be grateful about it.
Excessive breaking of any of the aforementioned laws can and will result in your execution. Some forms consist of, but are not limited to:
Fed to Dire Wolves
Boiling in Oil
Drawing and Quartering
Blood Eagle-ing
The Raven
Represents the cunning of the Märquee people, and is the namesake of the country. For when this great nation's primordial settlers arrived, they chose to build its great capital city as the spot was marked by a raven.
The Flag of Rävenmark
The cobalt, left side of the flag represents the discipline and intelligence of the Marquee people that has maintained this country.
The maroon, right side represents a combination of the pride, and bloodshed that has secured this country.
And the purple center with the raven crest shows how these virtues of the people come together for this great country.
The country of Rävenmark runs on a system of copper silver, gold, and platinum coins.
10 copper coins = 1 silver coin
10 silver coins = 1 gold coin

10 gold coins = 1 platinum coin
One of Rävenmark's copper coins would be the equivalent to a $0.50 in US Currency.
A silver coin is worth $5, a gold coin is worth $50, & a platinum coin is worth $500.
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