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Copy of acadox

Acadox helps you manage your academic activities in a simple, social, and fun way.

Dalal F

on 25 February 2013

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Transcript of Copy of acadox

For Each Course
There is either Blog
Website Email
group To contact The teacher, either via: Emails Not interactive
No notifications
mostly ugly designes ! The problems
with these are With these many blogs,
MANY SECTIONS FOR EACH!! The problem is simple Not secure !
anyone can change
the password ! Also, Phones It's not guarantee your
email will be received ! Maybe because it's in the junk mail
or simply, with tons of emails yours didn't get the teacher's attention It's rare, and if so, we are usually afraid that we're calling in a wrong time, right ? imagine that all these courses
are on one platform where you can connect
with classmates in a virtual online environment ! engage and work with
your teachers } Let me introduce you to A cutting-edge approach to managing academic–social life. Acadox is accessible to everyone
across the globe for FREE. With Acadox, you can sign up for courses, get and share materials and resources, easily plan and keep track of your progress. HOW IT WORKS ? 1 Choose a community 2 Sign up 3 Join classes acadox is your personal assistant
www.acadox.com @acadox www.ask.fm/acadox www.facebook.com/Acadox acadox
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