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Percy Jackson Trivia

No description

Megan Hawkins

on 26 February 2013

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Transcript of Percy Jackson Trivia

Percy Jackson Trivia How It Works Write your answer to each question on your answer sheet.
If you know the answer before the multiple choice shows up give your self 3 points.
If you know the answer after the multiple choice shows up give yourself 1 point.
The person with the most points WINS! What is Ancient Greek
currency called? A. Drachma
B. Dollars
D. Peso Who is Chiron’s father as
told in The Titan’s Curse? A. Zeus
B. Kronos
C. Scylla
D. Hades Drachma Kronos How old is Grover in
The Lightning Thief ? A. 170
B. 20
C. 13
D. 28 28 years old What is Annabeth’s most commonly
used nickname for Percy? What sort of creature is Bessie? A. Seaweed Sal
B. Seaweed Head
C. Seaweed Brain
D. Seaweed Skull Seaweed Brain A. The Ophiotaurus
B. The Nereid
C. The Hippopotamus
D. A Centaur The Ophiotaurus Whose head does Annabeth put in a black veil
after a fight in The Lightning Thief ? A. Medusa’s
B. Zeus'
C. Percy's
D. Ares' Medusa’s What kind of creature is Polyphemus, who
captures Grover in The Sea of Monsters ? A. Typhon
B. Satyr
C. Harpies
D. Cyclops Cyclops In The Lightning Thief which
monster(s) does Percy fight? A. The minotaur
B. Echidna
C. The furies
D. All of the above All of the above Percy Jackson is son
of which Greek god? A. Ares
B. Hermes
C. Poseidon
D. Athena Poseidon What is Percy Jackson's
real name? A. Perseus
B. Panoptes
C. Phallas
D. Philemon Perseus What is Percy Jackon's
mother's name?
A. Sofia Jackson
B. Samantha Jackson
C. Susie Jackson
D. Sally Jackson Sally Jackson Who picks on Percy at
Camp Half Blood? A. Kara
B. Clarisse
C. Annabeth
D. Bianca Clarisse What animal can Percy Jackson
communicate with? A. Horse
B. Cat
C. Cow
D. Dog Horse What is Percy Jackson's
half brother's name? A. Tyrone
B. Timothy
C. Tyson
D. Thomas Tyson What creature is Tyson? A. Typhon
B. Cyclops
C. Sphinx
D. Centaur Cyclops
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