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Office of US Trade

No description

Maya Workowski

on 16 February 2017

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Transcript of Office of US Trade

agency leadership
budget: $59,376,000
"estimated funding requirement"
TPP Graphic
trump's ustr
keep jobs and job competition in America
esp. focusing on factory jobs.
American companies and economics more desirable

economic growth
general role
develop & recommend trade policy

trade negotiations

collab. w. Trade Policy Staff Committee (TPSC) and Trade Policy Review Group
Office of US Trade Representative
mission & actions
Maya Workowski
special 301 report
more detail
Michael Froman, Obama Admin. USTR
Robert Lighthizer Trump Admin. USTR Nominee

Trump--> withdrawal from TPP
(vs. Obama's actions)
Hints @ admin. goals (economics in America)
Obama with representatives from countries in the Trans-Pacific Partnership
annual update on trade status w. foreign countries

marks countries w. "onerous" policies
"deny fair market access"
200 members, subcommittees
Trade Policy & Negotiations
Labor Advisory Committee

"America First Trade Policy." Office of the United States Trade Representative. Accessed February 14, 2017. https://ustr.gov
International Center for Trade and Sustainable Development. "Trump Begins Setting US Trade Policy Course during First Week in Office." International Center for Trade and Sustainable Development. Last modified January 26, 2017. Accessed February 14, 2017. http://www.ictsd.org/bridges-news.bridges.news/trump-begins-setting-us-trade-policy-course-during-first-week-in-office
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